Faculty and Staff

Age of Montessori Teacher Training

Each of the teacher training faculty and staff of our Montessori educational family has been an innovator in his or her individual areas of expertise.

Here at the Age of Montessori you have the opportunity to receive combined benefits of their rich teaching and training experience with the authentic Montessori method and message.

During their rewarding teaching careers, our faculty have identified and developed the potential in many children.  Graduates of their Montessori education programs have become creative, productive and successful adults.

And they look forward to sharing their wisdom and insight with you so that you may awaken and maximize the potential of the children in your care.

Please read more about the faculty and staff in their biographies.

Age of Montessori Staff


Program Director, Age of Montessori

Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed
Founder, Content Specialist



Executive Director



Age of Montessori Faculty


National Board Certified, Elementary Teacher

Janet Nordemann, M.Ed.
Elementary Program Director

Karen Campbell, Ph.D. in Education

Karen Campbell, Ph.D
in Education

Randall Klein, B.A.
Montessori Master Teacher Trainer

Diana Palmares, M.Ed.
IAPM Preschool Certification



Susan Hoffman, B.S.

Susan Hoffman, B.S.

Montessori Teacher and Educator

Victoria Brailsford, M. Ed.

Victoria Brailsford, M.Ed.
Early Childhood Program Director