Elizabeth Bennett, Ph.D. in Child and Family Psychology


Dr. Elizabeth Bennett, a licensed psychologist,  was privileged to take one of the first Montessori courses co-taught by Mary Ellen and Dr. Caspari over 30 years ago.  Since this inspiring course,   she has incorporated the Montessori message  into her parenting and  professional work.   Raising joyful children with Montessori at home and in the classroom is her passion.

Elizabeth brings to Age of Montessori a scientific understanding of child psychology based on current attachment, neuroscience and child development research.  Students come away with new insights for observing children (and themselves), cultivating compassion, supporting healthy child development – and transforming themselves in the process!

Elizabeth’s desire to serve children was inspired by volunteer work in a Latin American medical clinic.  These experiences led her to complete a B.S. in Human Biology from Stanford University and a M.S. in Child Health from the University of Colorado Medical School.   With this training, she offered pediatric care for thousands of children as a pediatric physician’s assistant.   Over time, she noted increasing numbers of challenged children and decided to further her education in child and family psychology.   Earning a Doctor of Psychology degree, she went on to establish a successful psychology practice in the Minneapolis area for many years.

Dedicated to finding resources to help children and families thrive, Elizabeth currently writes, teaches and offers professional seminars on child and family topics for parents, teachers, psychologists and other professionals.

Adventures in nature with her husband and daughter, (dog and horse too!) – hiking, skiing and discovering wildflowers and birds – are some of her favorite activities.  She loves to participate in school field trips, 4H dog agility, natural horsemanship, piano and drama productions.