Janet Nordemann, M.Ed., National Board Certification

Janet Nordemann retired from teaching after forty years in the classroom. In addition to having her BA in sociology and M.Ed. in education, she holds a teaching certificate for grades K-12, gifted education and her AMS Montessori Elementary certificate.

For twenty years, Janet taught in a Montessori elementary classroom at Montessori International. She taught an additional twenty years in public schools, including teaching a gifted program. She has presented various teacher workshops on the Montessori curriculum, accelerated learning, gifted education, and comedy in the classroom. She has written two booklets, Start Smart, a story for children to discover their learning styles and What’s So Funny? Janet owns her own business, The Learning Edventure, Inc., which sponsors various educational workshops for teachers and parents.

Janet had the privilege of knowing and receiving training from Dr. Elizabeth Caspari. Even though she is retired from teaching, she is not retired from sharing the Montessori philosophy and working with other teachers.

Janet lives in Montana with her husband. She enjoys going for walks, gardening and reading. Her passion, though, is to write fun and inspiring lessons and stories for children and to spread the message of Montessori.