Robert Worobec, Registrar

Robert Worobec

Robert Worobec was born and raised in the Chicago, Illinois area, attending Southern Illinois University where he majored in Theatre and Communications.  He moved to New York City for a successful career as an actor in Broadway musicals.

With an eventual move to the West coast, Robert entered the educational field as an administrator and teacher in a Montessori Junior and Senior High School.

On a trip to visit friends in Montana, Robert found his true home and eventually married his wife, Linda, whom he courted while they were performing together in a series of summer dinner theaters near Yellowstone Park.  Together they established two natural food stores in the local area, while continuing to perform their musical revue, “The Best of Classic Broadway”.

When Robert closed one of his stores last year, he happily returned to the field of education in 2013 as Registrar for Age of Montessori. He feels that this is a natural extension of his combined interest in performing, customer service, and in Maria Montessori’s goal of helping children unlock their inner potential.

Biking, reading, and performing fill Robert’s leisure time.  He loves personally talking with those interested in taking the Teacher/Parent Training Courses.  Please feel to contact him at any time with any questions you may have.