Tani Kingston, B.A., Executive Director

Tani comes to Age of Montessori with nine years of experience in distance education at Capella University.  In her different roles as a manager at Capella, she became well versed in many areas of delivering high-quality education online, including project management, course development and production, customer service, quality assurance, custom publishing and product development.

Tani holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from UCLA and a lifetime community college teaching credential.  She has over 30 years’ experience as an educator and administrator at secondary and post-secondary levels, including managing a boarding school for high school students.  In her work with youth, Tani implemented some of Dr. Montessori’s concepts for adolescents called Erdkinder, which are key components of the Montessori philosophy. In addition to exposing the students to nature and the environment, Dr. Montessori’s concept also builds on the practical life skills that children have developed at the earliest levels of their Montessori education.  Tani has developed youth development curriculum in the areas of ethics and character education.

Tani loves great film and theatre because these art forms can deliver such powerful messages to teach the most important lessons of life.  She also enjoys working with her teammates to develop new projects that will benefit children.  For relaxation she spends time with her husband and two furry pug friends, Charlie and Otis. She is an avid book reader.