Ahhh! Discovering the Child’s Sensitive Periods

“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child
engages and try to understand them.” – Maria Montessori


What You Learn in the Ahhh! Discovering the Child’s Sensitive Periods Course:

To understand to the sensitive periods, we will study the universal human tendencies that Maria Montessori identified in her work as an anthropologist and observer of children. The human tendencies give us a big picture of human development.

All children follow a basic developmental path. Along this pathway there are milestones. As the child approaches each milestone, she experiences periods of intense effort that lead to the acquisition of new skills. These are what Montessori calls the “sensitive periods in development.”

In this course, you will examine the sensitive periods and how you work with them to facilitate the child’s development. Exciting new brain research on how the child learns has demonstrated that these sensitive periods are a dynamic part of the child’s neurological development.

2 Week Course Outline

  • The Human Tendencies
  • What is a Sensitive Period?
  • Sensitive Periods and the Brain
  • Webinar – The Child’s Developing Brain: How Movement Drives Pathways
  • Children concentrating in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Specific Sensitive Periods
  • Social-Emotional Sensitive Periods

Attendees Say:

“This course, for me, has reaffirmed the value of the importance of the adult’s understanding of the child, as a whole. When the adults understand how a child learns and develops, it will make a big difference in a child’s life, and in the whole society.”

“The videos really transported me and inspired me to to develop new ideas in the classroom.

“I feel inspired to be a facilitator of positive and natural growth in young children! Every unit strengthened this inspired feeling. I feel confident in explaining the Montessori Method now too.”

“I now understand the sensitive period of development and the brain.”

Next Start Date: April 14

Offered: June 9 + November 10

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