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Written by guest author Jenny Formon Work-time in a Montessori classroom is a combination of perfecting previous skills and works, along with receiving new lessons.  There is tremendous value and emphasis in the practice and repetition of already known works.  The repetition of work is important in mastering those works as well as preparing for future […]

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Fascinating Numbers in Nature: Montessori Math and Math in America

A Mathematical Mind In her forty years of work with children, Maria Montessori saw that humans have a natural affinity for numbers. In fact, we have what she and French philosopher Blaise Pascal called a “mathematical mind.”  We see it in Montessori schools all over the globe. Research that has compared Montessori children with traditionally-educated […]

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Student Wisdom

One aspect of the online study is the final written exam. Students are given a number of topics that they can choose to write about. I am so thrilled with the deep understanding that many of the students have demonstrated that I want to include portions of several of their essays for you to read. […]

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It’s Spring!

It is spring, at least according to the calendar. I don’t know about where you are, but here in Bozeman it is about 17 degrees after a few tantalizing days of 60. I guess I have to be a bit more patient. It will come! The flowers will bloom. This whole process of waiting for […]

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Welcome to 2014 From Mary Ellen

Greetings in 2014!   Hard to believe it’s yet another year closing in on us, and I hope it finds your family safe, well and thriving. I am celebrating the holidays this year with two out of three of my adult children coming home and that is exciting! The togetherness we felt when they were […]

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Getting Up to Date with Age of Montessori

From Mary Ellen Maunz, Program Director October greetings! I write with lots of rain coming down outside.  Southwest Montana often has gorgeous extended Indian summers, but not so much this year. Oh well, it’s back to school and more indoor activities. I’d like to fill you in just a bit on my summer.  It has […]

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