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AOM’s Teacher Education Program Stands Apart

What makes Age of Montessori’s Teacher Education program stand apart from so many others? From my perspective, it is difficult to describe in just a few words the high level of professionalism, individualized attention, depth of content and study that I received from my courses at Age of Montessori. I have attended graduate school and […]

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Help Your Child to Fall in Love With Reading

New research has further verified what Montessorians have recommended for years: it is never too early to start reading to your child. In fact, reading to a young child is a crucial aspect of language and literacy development. The American Association of Pediatrics now recommends that parents and educators read to children from infancy through […]

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Sensitive Period

Early Childhood Development – Observing the Absorbent Mind

I could sit for hours watching my son (7 months), as he explores the world with curiosity and focus that Montessorians call the “Unconscious Absorbent Mind” (Age 0-3). It’s as though I can see the wheels turning in his head as he stares with a fixed soft gaze and mouth gaping, while he explores an […]

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DIY Montessori Question2b

Ask an Expert. We’ve got answers!

We invited our Age of Montessori Facebook community to ask any question at all.  Here are our answers.  Didn’t get to ask your questions? Feel free to post a question below.  We would love to hear from you.   Q: What is the Montessori recommended method for potty training? A: In Montessori, we prefer to […]

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teacher w child

How Do We Give the Child Respect and Dignity?

Maria Montessori had a unique and very special way of understanding the role of a teacher in a child’s life. She diverged from the popular opinion of her day that children should be obedient and learn from the expert adult. Instead, she upheld the belief that a teacher’s primary job is to be humble in […]

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Top 3 Brain Boosters for Your 2 to 6-month-old

My little man is now 3 months old, and it’s a joy to watch the budding brain that’s unfolding before my eyes.  He has gone from holding his hands in a tight fist to beginning to swat, reach, grab and pull.  He progressed from barely being able to see black and white contrasts, to enjoying […]

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