• Flora McCormick, LCPC
  • Victoria Brailsford, M.Ed.

If we’re having ongoing difficulties with our child, the relationship is where we need to focus first. Children don’t enjoy being “difficult”.  Their first choice is always to act in a way that connects to us.  But Children misbehave when their other behavior isn’t getting the message through to us.  Those behaviors can be considered “miscues”.

The task for us, as parents, is to learn how to recognize and respond to the messages our children are sending (their cues and miscues).  When we learn this skill well, our children (and our relationship with them) will thrive.

*Content influenced by Positive Discipline and Circle of Security.

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  1. So many “a-ha” moments!!!! Both personally and professionally. I didn’t quite understand what cues and miscues were when it came to relation to the Circle of Security (which I’m familiar with). But these webinar explained it in a very deep way. Thank you!!!


  2. This was just what I needed!
    Thank You Flora & Victoria, for the refreshing explanations & reminder to get curious and not furious (which is usual the easiest way to react).
    I have the feeling that my entire team needs to watch this and being reminded as well.
    Love that it applies to both children and adults.
    Thank You!!


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