Dr Caspari Photo History

Dr Elisabeth Caspari Photo History

Montessori intern graduation 1979Elisabeth Caspari, Mary Ellen, Beverly McGhee and students at 1979 intern graduation, Miami, Florida Dr Caspari and Mary Ellen Maunz at Montessori graduation 1981Elisabeth Caspari and Mary Ellen at our first intern graduation in Los Angeles, California 1981
Dr Elisabeth Caspari, keynote speakerElisabeth Caspari Keynote speaker: Mind in the Making – 1982
Elisabeth Caspari laughing with a child Elisabeth Caspari reading with young child
1982 – Elisabeth Caspari sharing laughs and books with young friends.
She was known as “Auntie Caspari” to the children.

Celebrations with Elisabeth Caspari

Elisabeth Caspari Christmas 1982Elisabeth Caspari Christmas 1982 Elisabeth Caspari Christmas 1990Elisabeth Caspari Christmas 1990
Elisabeth Caspari spent Christmas with the Maunz family each year.
Caspari and Maunz Virgo birthdays 1983Elisabeth Caspari and Mary Ellen celebrating Virgo birthdays together in 1983. She was “Madame Caspari” to her adult students.
Dr Caspari in a Montessori classroomLook at the joy in her face! Elisabeth Caspari working with class at school Mary Ellen directed, California – 1983
Montessori master teacher graduationMary Ellen Maunz graduating as a Montessori master teacher with Dr. Elisabeth Caspari and Dr. Feland L. Meadows, Mexico City, June 1983.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Dr Caspari lifetime achievement awardAmerican Montessori Society – 1983 Dr Caspari MACTE lifetime achievement awardMontessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) – 1994
Caspari and Maunz family at the Liberty BellElisabeth Caspari visiting the Liberty Bell with Mary Ellen and god-daughter, Lydia, on trip to address Philadelphia Montessorians – 1995
Elisabeth Caspari at her 100th birthday Elisabeth Caspari at her 100th birthday
Elisabeth Caspari at her 100th birthday party – 1999
Elisabeth Caspari Christmas 2000Our last Christmas together, 2000

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