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Teach math to young children in a logical, step-by-step, engaging process

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March 10 + July 14 + October 13 + December 8

Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind – What You Learn:

  • How to teach your child the fundamentals of math in a hands-on manner
  • How to teach children, not only how to count, but subtract, divide and multiply
  • The natural order and sequence that your child learns math
  • Keys to teaching math to older children
  • Everything you need to understand how a child learns math

The Early Years are Critical for the Young Child to Master Math

If you want to ensure that your child masters the fundamentals of mathematics, come join Age of Montessori’s Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind online course.

For Teachers, Daycare Providers, Parents  and Early Childhood Educators 

This course will show you how easy it is, in a logical, step-by-step process, to teach your child (or your entire class) the fundamentals of math in a hands-on manner. You learn how to teach:

  • Numeration from 1-10,
  • Basics of our base ten decimal system (1-10-100-1000) and place value,
  • Functions of the four operations, +, -, x and ÷,
  • Linear counting and
  • Easy ways for children to begin to memorize their tables.

Gain valuable training on using the beautiful Montessori materials for early math and, more importantly, the sequence and the importance of isolating one difficulty at a time as you help your child build understanding and skills.

Once you understand the steps on the path, you can lead your child through the basic sequence whether you have the materials or not. While we will show you many beautiful Montessori materials, it is also possible to present many of these concepts with materials you make or assemble at home.

Don’t let current confusion over how to teach math make it more difficult than it needs to be!

When learning is clear, hands-on and fun, children make amazing progress. And the icing on the cake is to hear them say, “I love math!”

My Biggest Takeaway

“First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to the Faculty and staff of Age of Montessori. I accidentally stumbled across your site a few years ago, and something drew me to it. I have been following your FB page ever since, and have visited your blog several times to listen to webinars, videos, etc.

“I cannot count how many times I have gone to your website and read about your Professional Development courses and longed to take them. Little did I know that someday I would have the opportunity to win the tuition for the Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind, and be able to do it for free! I once had a student that every time I presented a new lesson to him would lean forward and say over and over, “I did not see that coming!”. Well, that is how I feel about doing this course — “I did not see this coming?”, but I am so glad it happened.

“My biggest takeaway is not just one thing, it is ALL of the knowledge that I have gained from the videos, texts, etc. that will help me excel in my career, and help the children excel that are in my care. However, there is one thing that did happen while doing this course that helped me make connections that I had not made before — how closely the Sensorial area of the classroom is tied to the Mathematics area. I still can’t figure out why I had never really figured that out. I see so many things in my classroom now in such a different way, how each area flows and builds on the other — it’s like a light bulb turned on, lol.

“Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!” – L French – May 2017

4 Week Course Outline

Unit 1:  Welcome, Why We Teach Math to Young Children

The course is designed to be highly interactive, so you will be reading, watching videos, and discussing what you are learning online. You will experience the following features throughout the course:

  • Information about what to do in each unit
  • Online and offline text to read
  • Online video excerpts to watch
  • Assignments to be submitted online for evaluation.
  • Forum discussions, which allow you to have living, dynamic dialogue with others about the unit topics.

Math is one of the four great avenues of learning. The scope of helping the child develop his abilities in mathematics is a task made joyful by Montessori.

In Unit 1, we greet you with a warm welcome video from Course Director, Mary Ellen Maunz. Then learn the fundamentals of math as a universal language. You will read a Montessori introduction to math and have the opportunity to watch a video presentation on Why We Teach Math to Young Children.

You will also begin dialoguing in the Forums with your instructor and fellow students. Other students will have the opportunity to read what you have posted and begin discussions. We hope you enjoy this enlivening experience!

Unit 2:  Overview of the Math Avenue for Early Childhood

In Unit 2, learn about the structure and organization of the Math Avenue as well as the philosophy behind its use. You will discover the order and sequence by which Montessori Math is taught to young children, view a video lesson, and see a webinar replay on Montessori Math Made Simple.  

Unit 3:  The Decimal System

In Unit 3, explore how the young child learns the quantity-symbol associations inherent in all mathematics. You will also discover the process and materials that are used to teach counting from 1-10 as well as the decimal system. Learn how to assemble materials at home and share insights on the importance of the decimal system and place value.

Unit 4: Teens, Tens and Hundreds

In Unit 4, we invite you to learn how the young child moves from the decimal system to understanding and writing tens, teens and hundreds.

Unit 5: Memorization of Facts

In Unit 5, you will explore how memorization and the passage to abstraction advance the early preparation of the mathematical mind. Video lessons will illustrate these principles.

Unit 6: Teaching Math to Older Children

In Unit 6, you will learn about successful methods of teaching math to elementary age children. And you will discuss the importance of cultivating the mathematical mind as an assignment.

We are pleased to welcome you on this journey of the early preparation of the mathematical mind for the young child. Maria Montessori’s profound understanding combined with the expertise of Mary Ellen Maunz provides us with a clear and sure path to follow. We know this information will prove of practical use to you.

What Teachers and Parents Are Saying…

“I believe that this course has helped me to get a better understanding of the importance of cultivating the mathematical mind at a young age. …The curriculum was interesting, simple and interactive. Everything was very clearly explained. The videos provided many interesting discussions and information.

“As a new Assistant Montessori teacher, learning about the math order and sequence has provided me with much more confidence in my ability to work and help my head teacher in the classroom with more passion and success. I am in the process of making my own Montessori Math Album and I look forward to enrolling in the next early childhood reading and writing program.” — Champika P. Assistant Montessori teacher

“I have loved this Math course and will be completing the last paper and forums. …Thank you so much for this course. It has helped me refocus and remember why I fell in love with Montessori’s methods. With much gratitude and appreciation,” — Heather A. parent

Next Course Starts: March 10
+ July 14 + October 13 + December 8

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