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Our Three Evaluator, Three-Day Onsite Inspection is Successfully Behind Us!

Things are moving right along at Grace Montessori Academy in Billings, Montana, where Age of Montessori held our first Elementary Residency. The AoM elementary teacher training course for Elementary certification consists of a full academic year of online study of the philosophy, psychology and practical aspects of classroom life with the 6-12 year old, followed by a four-week residency for Elementary I (6 – 9) certification and a second three-week residency for those wishing to earn the full Elementary I & II (6 – 12) diploma.

Following our onsite evaluation from MACTE, the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education, itself accredited with the US Department of Education, all that remains is the final vote by the MACTE Board of Directors in September. Until we receive the final document from them we cannot declare that we are accredited, but we are well on our way. The visiting team gave us great reviews for our high quality and thoroughness, our expert team and great teamwork

The first two weeks of our residency covered math and geometry, followed by language and the cultural subjects that in Montessori include biology, geography, history and the arts. All are integrated with Maria Montessori’s vision of the cosmic plan, giving children a vision of the whole universe and how all the subjects are parts of the great whole.

Our main instructor, Irma Rodriquez who hails from the Philippines and then Canada, is lovingly giving the students the best lessons and plenty of practice and discussion time that they could imagine.


From the simplicity of the four arithmetical operations to multiplication of a binomial, math is fun and easily understandable.

image004   image006

From how to calculate the sum of interior and exterior angles created by two non-parallel lines cut by a transversal, to the story of geometry and measurement, the children (and the adult learners) can see the connections between geometry, math and both history and geography.

image008   image010

They can also see and illustrate the connection between geometric shapes and botany and how to prove the equivalence of a rhombus to a rectangle in their daily notes and drawings!

image012   image014

image016Practice time!

And who knew that a concave polygon could make a heartimage018

…or that you can use grammar symbols to analyze a mathematical equation?

There is so much to learn and we have shown you only a few pictures from the first two out of four weeks!


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