Diana Palmares has been teaching for the past 30 years both in primary and toddler classrooms across the country from California to Montana, Virginia Beach, Va. and North Carolina.

While pregnant with her first child in 1975, she read the book by E.M. Standing, Maria Montessori:  Her Life and Work, and was so impressed with what a sane approach to educating children this was, that she realized this to be her calling.  Diana received Montessori certification from International Association of Progressive Montessorians in San Diego, and a further opportunity for training through the Pan American Society with Dr. Elisabeth Caspari in 1980.

After having earned a BS in Human Development and Family Studies with a Birth-Kindergarten license at UNCG,  she taught in a Montessori Magnet Public School setting for 7 years, during which time she mentored interns and student teachers.  In 2005 Diana received a Master’s degree in General Education.

While experiencing such diversity and varied learning styles among the children, including personalities and family histories, Diana strove to create a peaceful community classroom in which the children could receive necessary nurturing in order to learn.  Educating parents became a major key, and these years of teaching engendered within herself a deeper compassion for the multifaceted needs of children and parents, as well as her desire to serve them.

Remembering back to an essay Diana wrote in the 7th grade about what she wanted to do with her life…she said it would be either teaching or dancing.  She’s still teaching and loves to do dancing, yoga, and movement with children.  Walking in nature and practicing Qigong and Tai Chi are also favorites.

Included among the many children who have been dear to her heart over the years, are of course, her own two adult children, and grandson.