Randall Klein, from Bozeman, Montana, completed his Montessori early childhood educator certification from Association Montessori Internationale in 1977 and taught in multi-aged Montessori preschool classrooms for sixteen years. He also holds a BA in German from Carroll University.

In 1986, Randall received the Master Teacher diploma from the Pan American Montessori Society and conducted numerous teacher training courses with his mentor, Dr. Elisabeth Caspari.

In 1993, he left the classroom to focus on developmentally appropriate early reading instruction as a reading coach, seminar leader, and tutor. Randall has successfully taught hundreds of children from ages three to twenty how to read, and has used this experience to formulate the techniques and methods he now delivers to educators and parents in his literacy presentations and workshops.

In 2001, Randall co-authored a book entitled Learning to Read is Child’s Play for The Early Reading Company in Chicago.

It is Randall’s desire to create heightened awareness of the need for systematic, explicit, and developmentally appropriate reading instruction for beginning and struggling readers. He sees this as a form of intervention by which we can dramatically increase the reading readiness of all children, and thereby drastically reduce the instances of reading failure.

Randall finds special joy in the many opportunities he has each year to deliver the Montessori message and methods on early reading instruction to public school teachers throughout the country.