How Much Freedom, How Much Discipline

Maria Montessori’s premise is that liberty and discipline are two sides of the same coin;

you can’t have one without the other.” – Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed.


What You Learn in the How Much Freedom, How Much Discipline Course:

It is a question that every parent and every teacher struggles with and that the insights that Maria Montessori brings is both unexpected and helpful. We will explore what liberty within limits really means to a child.

We will also see how ultimately, the lack of liberty may be the root cause of many discipline problems. You will find practical suggestions about setting reasonable limits and learning to recognize those times when you need to step back and not-intervene in a child’s activities.

2 Week Course Topics

  • Freedom with Limits / Gentle Discipline
  • What Obedience is Really About
  • Setting Reasonable Limits
  • Obedience and its Stages
  • Dealing with Repetitive Problems
  • Freedom and Discipline: Tools for Your Children

Students Say:

“I really enjoyed the practical examples and spiritual understanding – really touched my heart.”  

“Human Tendencies — The Potential of Freedom — What a title!  The brevity of my early child development career has only just begun to educate me on the principles of human education.  What a gift to those who can experience Montessori education for the greater pallet of experiences and liberty allowed for growth.  I did not know how essential order was for children, but I know that I find comfort in order in my life.  I find it quite astounding that there is a classroom where the visual demonstrations of our human tendencies and their various stages can be seen.” 

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Offered: October 15

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