Montessori Teacher Training Webinar – Freedom within Limits

Dr. Montessori provides us with an understanding of the heart, mind, and spirit in the child. She described the essence of Montessori education as “Help to Life”. She wanted us to provide learning that would give children a knowledge to better the world.

It is essential that we’re teaching children how to interact with the world so they can be effective with the knowledge they possess. This webinar will offer practical tools so parents and educators can help children become respectful, responsible, and kind contributors to society. These tools focus on how to provide children freedom within limits because children need:

1) To feel a sense of independence and power.

2) Limits for behavior and emotional expression that are clear, consistent, and predictable.

Presented by Flora McCormick, LCPC, Parent Coach,

Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. Age of Montessori Founder and Program Director

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