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Why Grandparents Are Superheroes

Grandparents Have Superpowers! When my family lived in Montana, my children got to spend a lot of time with their grandparents. Gram and Pop, as my boys lovingly call them, lived just minutes away. They were very involved with their grandsons on a daily basis, regularly picking them up from school or inviting them for […]

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Gratitude and Appreciation

“[H]istory should not be taught as a collection of dates and places. But rather be approached to arouse gratitude and appreciation. This gratitude should be aroused first to the law and order of the universe and the preparation of the environment into which human beings came.” ~ Maria Montessori Here in the United States, we […]

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social skills

FAQ: Can Children Learn Social Skills in the Montessori Classroom?

Recently, while reading a forum discussion about the Montessori Method, I came across the following comment: [The Montessori Method is] not focused on social interactions among children: Montessori fosters independence in children through  age-appropriate “jobs” that are designed with conceptual learning blocks in mind. I’ve observed children be really self-sufficient, confident and proud when in […]

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Seven Easy Ways to Bring Montessori into Your Home

Last week, my sister and I were having a little mom-to-mom chat. My sister’s little girl is just reaching toddlerhood and she is giving her home the kid-safe-and-friendly-overhaul. I suggested that she might take this opportunity to bring some of the benefits of the Montessori Method into the mix. She agreed, so long as any ideas were both […]

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The Powerful Stuff of Peace

‘True peace […] suggests the triumph of justice and love among men; it reveals the existence of a better world wherein harmony reigns.” ~ Maria Montessori, Peace and Education, 1965 Is it possible that this better, more harmonious world–which Maria Montessori spoke of more than 50 years ago–could be within our making? After surviving two […]

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Autism Awareness Month: Busting the Myth about Autism and Empathy

Autism Myth: Autistic People Cannot Feel Empathy The idea that people with autism lack empathy is, in fact, a myth.  Any parent of an autistic or autism spectrum child can tell you that.  But here it is, World Autism Awareness month, and so I’d like to do my part to raise awareness. The Science Behind Myth […]

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Dragonheart the Nighthawk

Montessori Methods – Finding Significance Through Kindness

All children need to feel their own sense of worth and belonging.  Human beings have an innate need to contribute in meaningful ways within their families, as well as the community around them.  Children who have a sense of importance and belonging are more likely to make positive choices and have a healthy self-esteem. “Alfred […]

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