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Transitioning to a New School, the Montessori Way

“Education is not a pouring in. It is a release from within.” – Dr. Caspari First day jitters are one thing. Moving your child to a new school raises a new level of self-doubt for parents. Common transition thoughts parents may ask themselves might include: Is this the right school? Am I moving my child […]

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Why Montessori Education Works: Part 2

Don’t Miss Your Child’s “Absorbent Mind” Stage In Part 1 of Why Montessori Works, we discussed the intense phases of growth (physically, mentally, and emotionally,) experienced by all children, especially in the first 6 years of life.  Maria Montessori called these phases “sensitive periods.”  A sensitive period is a critical window of opportunity during which children absorb […]

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Top 10 Reasons for Parents to Learn the Montessori Method

1. Parents are their children’s first and foremost teachers.  By knowing how your child learns and develops, you can maximize his or her learning experience. Get a full understanding. 2. Maria Montessori taught us that children under the age of six are in the midst of important “sensitive periods” of development.  By understanding these sensitive […]

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Why Montessori Education Works

What are Sensitive Periods and Why are they Important? Through a lifetime of observation and study, Maria Montessori discovered that all children experience intense phases of growth, (physically, mentally, and emotionally,) especially in the first 6 years of life.  She called these phases “sensitive periods.”  A sensitive period is a critical window of opportunity during which […]

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DIY Montessori Materials: Links and Lessons

Contrary to popular belief, Montessori materials and activities don’t have to be pricey.  There are many free or inexpensive online resources, links, and do-it-yourself guides to help bring some of Maria Montessori’s profound wisdom into your home. The Age of Montessori website is one such resource providing a wealth of information through complimentary “white papers”, newsletters, and […]

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Montessori and Origami

“Hey, Mom.” “Mmmm…?” “Mom, look.  I’ve got another origami book.” “Uh, huh.” “The library has three origami books.  I got one last week, and another one today, see?” “That’s great dear.” “Mom, will you help me with this frog?  It’s really hard.” “Oh, honey…,” I look up.  “It’s just that I’m so busy…,” I look […]

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respect children

Montessori Training: Honoring the Independent Life of a Child

As a current Age of Montessori student, I have been touched and inspired by Maria Montessori’s great respect for the internal world of the child.  In particular, I was touched this past week by her comments about adult prejudices in discipline.  Montessori said, “When the independent life of the child is not recognized with its […]

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Infants and Toddlers - The Montessori Way

Top 10 Reasons for Using the Montessori Method at Home

What is the Montessori Method and why should you bring it home? The Montessori Method is a philosophy which involves much more than just school; it is way of raising and educating children that focuses on developing the whole person.  Education really begins in the home environment.  Learning is greatly enhanced when it is based […]

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What Parents Should Know about How Children Learn

Every parent wants to bring forth their child’s maximum potential. We want to say and do all the “right things” to bring out the best in our kids.  If you are a parent seeking information about how children develop and learn, you have come to the right place.  Maria Montessori understood the child’s cycles of […]

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The Formation of the Mind

One of the simplest but most powerful statements Maria Montessori wrote is about how the child builds himself: “Impressions do not merely enter a child’s mind; they form it.” She explains that there is a sort of mental chemistry as the child builds himself through experiences. This statement calls to mind how we may feel […]

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