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FAQ: According to Montessori, You Should Never Tell Children What to Do/Not to Do, Right?

FAQ: Montessori, Freedom and Discipline The misconception that Montessori children are always allowed to do “whatever they want” is a common one. In truth, discipline is an integral part of every Montessori classroom, with the ultimate goal being to teach children to regulate themselves. It is important to understand that self-discipline is not a skill […]

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Maria Montessori: Groundbreaker, Method Maker

Breaking New Ground The year was 1894 and 25-year-old Maria Montessori had just become Italy’s first female physician and surgeon. Though young, Maria had already accomplished many firsts for a woman. When she was twelve years old, Maria was the only girl to attend the technical school where she studied mathematics. As a teenager, she […]

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"Lunch delivery!  Service with a smile!"

Why I Didn’t Rescue Lunch

My youngest son, AJ, has just started 5th grade. Over the summer, he has grown leaps and bounds, both in terms of physical size and in his ability to do a multitude of things for himself. Every morning now, he gets himself up, (he remembers to set the alarm without any reminders from me,) makes […]

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A Parent’s Introduction to Montessori Materials

The right materials will call to your child Parents often ask if using the Montessori Method at home requires the purchase of many expensive materials. First, keep in mind that a few, carefully selected materials are far better than oodles of inappropriate ones. Additionally, a crowded, cluttered environment can be off-putting, even stressful, to the […]

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6 Great Ways to Keep Them Reading This Summer

As our children’s first and foremost educators, we parents play an essential role in teaching our kids to read and—maybe just as importantly–to love reading. Now that summer has arrived, why not take advantage of the school-break to encourage your kids to pick up a book?  Here are a few strategies to help you encourage […]

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Transitioning to a New School, the Montessori Way

“Education is not a pouring in. It is a release from within.” – Dr. Caspari First day jitters are one thing. Moving your child to a new school raises a new level of self-doubt for parents. Common transition thoughts parents may ask themselves might include: Is this the right school? Am I moving my child […]

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Montessori Education and Risk Management

  Even before being introduced to the Montessori concepts, I knew I wanted to raise independent children. The first parenting book I read was Raising Children Who Think for Themselves, by Elisa Medus. I am a natural fit for using Montessori methods except for one small problem: I have inherited the worry gene. My mind […]

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What Spring Can Teach us About Our Sensitive Children

About Sensitive Children In a recent webinar by Age of Montessori entitled Understanding the Special Sensitivities of Today’s Children presenter Maureen Bright shares her wisdom about how parents, teachers, and care givers can look into the consciousness of especially sensitive (sensory, not emotionally) children, in order to help them cope with our over-stimulating world.  If […]

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