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Montessori Training: Honoring the Independent Life of a Child

As a current Age of Montessori student, I have been touched and inspired by Maria Montessori’s great respect for the internal world of the child.  In particular, I was touched this past week by her comments about adult prejudices in discipline.  Montessori said, “When the independent life of the child is not recognized with its […]

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Maria Montessori on Liberty and Discipline

Liberty and discipline are closely related concepts. You may wonder how this can be. Most people think that when a child needs discipline you take away his freedoms, right? Parents sometimes do this: “You knocked over this vase! I want you to clean it up, and then you can go to your room and think […]

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Ten Secrets of Montessori Education

Check back at our What’s New!  Age of Montessori blog site each week. Read about The Ten Secrets of Montessori Education and find out what these secrets can mean to you and your work with children.  Following the series on The Ten Secrets, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the four major […]

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