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Age-Appropriate Chores for Children…or Not?

I recently came across this chart from The Flanders Family Website: This chart was posted on the Facebook page of “Maria Montessori” and shared a whopping 913,847 times! It also had more than 19,000 comments–and not all of them friendly. Some of the commenters proclaimed that the chores were much too difficult or even dangerous […]

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Parents, Are We Overdoing the Selflessness?

Cold Coffee, Warm Heart I recently overheard one of my children say, “No Dad, that’s too hot. Mom likes her coffee cold.” I almost fell over laughing. Where on earth had my child gotten the idea that I actually like my coffee cold? True, my coffee is usually stone-cold by the time I’ve finished waiting […]

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Maria Montessori: Groundbreaker, Method Maker

Breaking New Ground The year was 1894 and 25-year-old Maria Montessori had just become Italy’s first female physician and surgeon. Though young, Maria had already accomplished many firsts for a woman. When she was twelve years old, Maria was the only girl to attend the technical school where she studied mathematics. As a teenager, she […]

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The Birth of a Mathematical Mind

Ooooh look, the square root of twenty five!      All humans are born with mathematical minds. Let me say that another way: all human babies come into this world naturally hardwired to learn mathematics. Why then, you ask, are so many of today’s children growing up to be ‘mathematically illiterate’ adults? Because–as great thinkers such […]

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"Lunch delivery!  Service with a smile!"

Why I Didn’t Rescue Lunch

My youngest son, AJ, has just started 5th grade. Over the summer, he has grown leaps and bounds, both in terms of physical size and in his ability to do a multitude of things for himself. Every morning now, he gets himself up, (he remembers to set the alarm without any reminders from me,) makes […]

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Would you like to help your child flourish by recognizing and meeting his or her individual developmental needs?

I’m a parent, is Age of Montessori’s 6-Week Course right for me?

Are you a mom or dad wondering if Age of Montessori’s fall course is right for you?  The answer depends on you… Would you like to use Maria Montessori’s time-tested teaching methods to unlock your child’s inner genius and help him or her find joy and confidence? Do you want to foster your child’s innate […]

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Weeds, Seeds, and Finding Beauty

I weeded my garden yesterday.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t like weeding. It was hot and the bugs were biting, but it still didn’t escape my notice that the daylilies were exceptionally beautiful. Kneeling in the dirt, I was face to face with a sprig of these vividly orange beauties. […]

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Seven Easy Ways to Bring Montessori into Your Home

Last week, my sister and I were having a little mom-to-mom chat. My sister’s little girl is just reaching toddlerhood and she is giving her home the kid-safe-and-friendly-overhaul. I suggested that she might take this opportunity to bring some of the benefits of the Montessori Method into the mix. She agreed, so long as any ideas were both […]

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