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Expelled from Preschool?

Has anyone else noticed the latest disturbing trend of expelling preschool aged children from school? Preschool! That’s children three and under being “kicked out” out school for “challenging behavior.” The increasing reports are alarming. “According to the U.S. Department of Education, 6,743 children who were enrolled in district-provided pre-K in 2013-14 received one or more […]

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Things that make a preschool great

The Ten Secrets of Montessori – #10 Spontaneous Joy!

Social grace, inner discipline and joy. These are the birthright of the human being who has been allowed to develop essential human qualities. ~Maria Montessori Maria Montessori uncovered secrets–ten to be exact. Lucky for us, Mary Ellen Maunz, M. Ed., founder and Program Director of Age of Montessori, is willing to share the treasure of […]

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The Ten Secrets of Montessori-#9 Normalization

Actually the normal child is one who is precociously intelligent, who has learned to overcome himself and to live in peace, and who prefers a disciplined task to futile idleness. When we see a child in this light, we would more properly call his ‘conversion’ a ‘normalization.’ ~Maria Montessori  Maria Montessori uncovered secrets–ten to be […]

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FAQ: According to Montessori, You Should Never Tell Children What to Do/Not to Do, Right?

FAQ: Montessori, Freedom and Discipline The misconception that Montessori children are always allowed to do “whatever they want” is a common one. In truth, discipline is an integral part of every Montessori classroom, with the ultimate goal being to teach children to regulate themselves. It is important to understand that self-discipline is not a skill […]

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Parker Pouring Water

Saying Goodbye, Old Ways and New in Montessori Education

Transitioning to a new school is tough. But the morning drop-offs the first week were honestly, dare I say, miserable. Tears, screams, hugs, rocking, pouty lips. Every day I walked out exhausted, and it was only 8:30 am. Would it ever change? When we transitioned our youngest daughter, Parker—our more “go with the flow” kid […]

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Transitioning to a New School, the Montessori Way

“Education is not a pouring in. It is a release from within.” – Dr. Caspari First day jitters are one thing. Moving your child to a new school raises a new level of self-doubt for parents. Common transition thoughts parents may ask themselves might include: Is this the right school? Am I moving my child […]

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Getting Up to Date with Age of Montessori

From Mary Ellen Maunz, Program Director October greetings! I write with lots of rain coming down outside.  Southwest Montana often has gorgeous extended Indian summers, but not so much this year. Oh well, it’s back to school and more indoor activities. I’d like to fill you in just a bit on my summer.  It has […]

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Montessori Education Back to School Jitters…for Mama!?

“Back to school” is a welcome mantra in our home. Not realizing just how much we’d missed the structure, routine and drive that school brings for our spirited daughter, the new school year is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. This is the first year that it really even felt like “back to […]

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Montessori FAQs: What do you mean by “Normalization?”

What does the Montessori Method mean by “normalization of a child;” I thought the Montessori message was about nurturing individual differences?   Is my child going to be expected to conform to some sort of normal standard?  If my child is behaving in an unruly or disruptive way, is that considered part of normal childhood development? […]

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