Virtual Residency Experiences

Why I Want to Be a Montessori Teacher

Students share why they want to be a Montessori teacher

– Began as a teenage dream
– Montessori provides great panorama of how children learn
– Loves Montessori as a change of profession
– Wants to change how we educate children
– Aha moment seeing children working in classroom

I want to be a Montessori teacher!

– Worked in traditional education and fell in love with Montessori!
– Fell in love with little materials and classroom
– Exposed to both traditional and Montessori and has aha moment
– Financial auditor fell in love with son’s classroom and decided to be a teacher

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Why Select Age of Montessori for Teacher Certification?

Why did you choose Age of Montessori?

– Saw Mary Ellen at a school talking about normalization in classroom
– Saw Mary Ellen in online conference
– Convenience of online and summer residency
– Accredited by MACTE

Students share their online and residency experiences

– Detailed – reaches out to all types of learners
– Forums in-depth
– Heritage of Caspari and Maunz
– Accepted and finds a loving environment
– Residency integrates it all

Students chose Age of Montessori for the richness of the program

– College grad who wants best for children
– Richness of teachers who have so much life and professional experience
– Flexibility, support and lots of information
– International opportunities

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What Was the Program Like?

Students share their course experiences 

– Exceeded expectations
– Enjoyed breadth and community
– Enriched by philosophy
– Applied in classroom as assistant

Experiences shared from the Early Childhood Certification Program

– Loved the forums, interacting with other students
– Flexibility with instructor
– Easy to find info
– Hands on component as well as philosophy
– Passionate teachers
– Seeing a new generation of teachers

Aha Moments

Students share highlights from their experiences in the
Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Certification Program

– Meets child where they are and meets their need,
– Practical life is basis for learning math
– Math avenue made so much sense
– Language avenue is so comprehensive and fundamental to child’s success
– Transformed my life