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Presented by: Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder and Program Director, Age of Montessori

Many childhood behaviors (and misbehaviors) are rooted in spontaneous actions that show themselves during different developmental stages.

When we do not understand and support development, we see children fiercely defending what their inner teacher wants and needs to accomplish.

The more you know about these stages, the better you can work with your child and keep a calmer home or classroom. Join us as we review the major stages of early childhood.


Child Development Course


Join us in this 6 week online, interactive and informative course! Find out more…



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  1. I would like to said thank you. I like the story about the bobby pins, glad you talked about children need freedom to expect myself have a free to choose.
    My question is there classes in MN that doesn’t cost. Love to learn more.
    Thanks again

  2. Hello Michelle,
    You are welcome! I’m not sure about any classes that have no cost, but we have many on-line classes that are available anywhere. Here is a link:
    Also, we have many no cost resources such as webinars and blogs which you are welcome to peruse here on our website. Welcome to Age of Montessori!

  3. I enjoyed these videos1 very helpful. if you can email me the the webinairs I watched this morning.
    1. how to encourage cooperation without yelling, nagging or bribing.
    2. infant and toddler- meeting developmental needs birth to 18 months.
    3. help to life and stages of child development.

    My email Is [email protected]. I would really appreciate if you can email by today, Thank you.

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