Infants and Toddlers



Description: Age of Montessori has just launched a four-week course for Infant-Toddler Assistants. Join us as we preview what the course contains and how it can serve the needs of the children in your school and raise the level of professionalism for all your lead guides and their assistants.

Presenters:   Faculty of Age of Montessori

  • Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed.
  • Erin Lanigan, B.A.


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10 Responses to Infants and Toddlers

  1. Shonali Harrison 2019/07/25 at 12:45 PM #

    I am writing to find out what the requirements are for those that might be interested in taking the training for Infants and Toddlers course.

    Thank you !
    Shonali Harrison

    • Age of Montessori 2019/07/29 at 3:44 PM #

      Hi Sonali,
      Thanks for your interest in our 4 week course: Infant/Toddler Assistance – The Montessori Way! You can find our more here:

      Please note that this a short course and it is not the fully developed Montessori Infant Toddler Program which will be more extensive.

      Let us know if you have more questions.

  2. Nthabiseng 2019/08/17 at 2:57 PM #

    Thanks for the Link to Montessori Infant & Toddler Program.Please forward the link to the Comprehesive one.
    Tha nks so much.

    • Age of Montessori 2019/08/20 at 10:10 AM #

      You’re welcome. We only offer the short course at this time, and do hope to develop a full program in the future.

  3. RiLeigh 2019/10/24 at 5:01 PM #

    How do you email in to get your certificate?

    • Age of Montessori 2019/10/30 at 4:06 PM #

      Please email: [email protected] and allow a week or so for processing.

  4. Susana 2019/11/13 at 8:06 PM #

    Very interesting information I could understand many things much better.

  5. Edwedge Zizzamia 2020/04/07 at 1:06 PM #

    I have two granddaughters under the age of two, this webinar was a mountain of useful information. Thank you..

  6. Edwedge Zizzamia 2020/04/07 at 1:09 PM #

    I am requesting a certificate for this webinar. Thank you.

    • Age of Montessori 2020/04/08 at 3:29 PM #

      Thanks for watching. You may request Certificates of Attendance by emailing: [email protected]

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