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Humble Teacher

Education: It’s Only as Good as the Teacher

“This program will be a perfect fit,” she assured me. “It is designed for children just like your son.” By “like your son,” the Director of Special Education meant children with “high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder.” That is his label, his diagnosis if you will, but now let’s talk about the person. My child is […]

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All dolled up...

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Why Knowing Really IS Half the Battle

Kicked Out “No big deal, my son gets kicked out of stuff all the time!” When my friend made this carefree announcement, I admit I was surprised. Mind you, it wasn’t because of her son’s having been “kicked out,” on the contrary, I could completely relate. In fact, I’ve heard so many variations of “please […]

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Autism Awareness Month: Busting the Myth about Autism and Empathy

Autism Myth: Autistic People Cannot Feel Empathy The idea that people with autism lack empathy is, in fact, a myth.  Any parent of an autistic or autism spectrum child can tell you that.  But here it is, World Autism Awareness month, and so I’d like to do my part to raise awareness. The Science Behind Myth […]

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A Parent’s Take on Why Montessori Works for Autism-Spectrum Kids

What is Autism? It’s April, World Autism Awareness Month, so let’s talk about this wide-spread pandemic which affects nearly 20% of children and adults, and up to 18% of all boys, globally. So, exactly what is thing called autism? The word “autism” is blanket term which includes the many disorders within the “autism spectrum.” Sometimes called “Pervasive […]

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