Montessori Classroom Assistant Training

Were you just hired as a Montessori Classroom Assistant?


Did you just hire a new classroom Assistant for your growing Montessori school?

Either way, our new 4-Week online Assistant Teacher course is perfect!

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Montessori classroom assistant courseGet the Montessori assistant training you need right now in your new job, or make sure your new teacher knows what is expected, without you having to use your valuable time to do it yourself!

Winter Course Starts January 24, 2018
Spring Course Starts April 11, 2018
Autumn Course Starts October 10, 2018

This classroom assistant course was created after our faculty received requests from Montessori schools around the country needing more training for their classroom assistants. Just look at these practical course topics!

The Assistant’s Course is a practical approach to learning the philosophy and Montessori way of working in the classroom and school. Adult learners spend four weeks on their own schedule discovering how to truly be a Montessori professional. Through concise readings, online forums, short videos and assigned activities, they learn their role and the expectations of the job.

The course includes instruction on essential Montessori concepts such as observation, the inner teacher, the three-period lesson, care of the environment and the four major avenues as well as stages of development, sensitive periods and normalization.

In their studies, students discover how to build relationships and trust with the children while gaining practical strategies in classroom dynamics, including when and how to intervene, re-direct and resolve conflict.

Sample assignments include taking a Montessori walk and going on treasure hunts for classroom items, policies and procedures. The Assistant’s Course is a joyous exploration with a real-world result!

Montessori Classroom Assistant Course Topics

  • The Role of the Montessori Assistant
  • Your Job as a Professional
  • Employee Policies and Procedures
  • The Scope of Your Job
  • Professional Qualities
  • Relationships
  • The Brain and Trust
  • Practical Ways to Build Trust with Children
  • Stages of Development
  • Understanding the Sensitive Periods
  • Basic Structure of the Montessori Early Childhood Classroom
  • Stories of Real Observations
  • A Montessori class in action
  • Supporting Normalization
  • Learning When to Intervene
  • Liberty & Discipline
  • Scenarios of how to re-direct
  • Grace and courtesy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Your Effectiveness as a Classroom Assistant

Age of Montessori’s Assistants Course Student Feedback

“It was a very thorough course. I will finally be obtaining my Montessori certification within a year.”

“Thank you for providing this course to admins! It really helped me better understand what goes on in the classrooms.”

“I worked through the majority of the course during our fall break. The course took me approximately 30 hours to complete due to office work distractions.”

“I would love to hear more about the math secession! I have a much deeper understanding of the language shelves because of this course and would have loved to go into the math shelves too.”

Question: What has been most enlightening in this course?

“The ability to take what I learned from this course and immediately apply to the classroom.”

“I think looking for the sensitive periods and understanding student who are struggling with behavior. My relationships with students in the classrooms has improved immensely with the help of this course. I understand the students who are struggling more.”

“I feel I now have more knowledge and concrete tips I can apply in the classroom to be a more effective assistant. The concrete ideas of language to use with children, observation tips, ways to present a lesson, and more were incredibly helpful.”

“Learning more about the sensitive periods of childhood and how logical this approach is in being ready for the child rather than pushing learning on the child who is not ready.”

“How we are the directors of the energy within the child to constructive activities and their normalization. How we are the removers of obstacles, we don’t control the children but the environment. So everything else makes sense after this revelation…”

“I love the videos!”

“The basic Montessori concepts that were put in easy to understand, but also in depth, form.”

“It’s been an excellent refresher… things I had simply forgotten i can now reinstate. And learnt lots more too.”

“Reading other people’s forums.”

“I better understand the Montessori philosophy.”

Question: What is the most valuable thing you are taking way from this course?

“A lot of tools, vocabulary and awareness of the Montessori philosophy as well as practical aspects of dealing with different scenarios and situations.”

“Approaches to reading and learning when to step in and when to stay out.”

“The different tips the instructors told me!”

“Topics of conversation to bring to head teacher so that we can then discuss and work on.”

“The most valuable thing I can take away from this course is an established and confident knowledge of Maria Montessori’s approach to guiding children.”

“Better understanding of Children’s House.”

“I am taking away improved and deeper relationships with every all of the students under my care.”

“A stronger appreciation for the amazing dedication and energy that guides and assistants demonstrate daily in their classrooms.”

“There is so much more I want to know! I am so grateful to have learned more about the Montessori method through this course, and I am eager to delve deeper into the topics introduced here.”

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Winter Course Starts January 24, 2018
Spring Course Starts April 11, 2018
Autumn Course Starts October 10, 2018


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