Montessori Elementary Classroom Assistant Training

Montessori Continuing Education Online Course

Montessori Elementary Classroom Assistant Course

Be a well-prepared Montessori Elementary Classroom Assistant!  This training will help you and your new teachers.

Our popular 4-week online, interactive course is perfect!

                               WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: 

*   Montessori way of working in the classroom and school

*   The role and responsibilities of a Montessori professional

*   How to build relationships and trust with children

*   When and how to intervene, redirect and resolve conflict

 Professional Development ~ Elementary Montessori Classroom Assistant

Instruction on Essential Montessori Concepts + Fun Activities:

  • Montessori Profession
  • Care of the Environment
  • Characteristics of the Elementary Child
  • Overview of the Cosmic Curriculum
  • Developing Normalization
  • Morning and Community Meetings
  • 'Going Outs' (field trips)
  • Importance of Observation

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January 6, 2021

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Did you hire a new classroom assistant for your growing Montessori School? 
– OR – Are you working as an Elementary Montessori Classroom Assistant?

Either way, our popular 4-Week online, interactive
Assistant Teacher course is perfect!

Get the Montessori assistant training you or your teaching assistant need right now, online!  Make sure you or your new teacher has the training to be a well-prepared Montessori assistant.


After completing this course, the student will have an understanding of the Montessori child, classroom and the important role of the assistant in the classroom. The student will know the primary responsibilities of the assistant and how to better help the lead teacher as well as the students.

Who should take this course?

  • Administrators – This course will provide an overview of the training needed for your classroom assistants.
  • Teachers who have an assistant working with them, whether full time, part-time or a volunteer parent or community member. If you are a lead teacher, this course will help you understand what to expect from your assistant to better guide them to meet your needs and those of your students.
  • Assistants and those who would like to be an assistant – The course gives you an overview of your roles and responsibilities as you assist the lead teacher.
Montessori Elementary Classroom Assistant Training

Working in a Montessori classroom is a unique and exciting teaching experience for both the teacher and assistant. In a Montessori classroom, the assistant plays a vital role in assisting the lead teacher. The Assistant’s Course is a practical approach to learning the philosophy and Montessori way of working in the classroom and school. Adult learners spend four weeks on their own schedule discovering how to truly be a Montessori professional. Through concise readings, online forums, short videos and assigned activities, they learn their role and the expectations of the job. 

The course includes instruction on essential Montessori concepts such as observation, the inner teacher, the Cosmic Curriculum, the prepared environment, importance of community, stages of development, sensitive periods and normalization. 

In their studies, the adult learners discover how to build relationships and trust with the children while gaining practical strategies in classroom dynamics, including when and how to intervene, re-direct and resolve conflicts. 

Sample assignments include building a glossary of Montessori concepts and observing a student. Students will interact with their peers with online forums, learning from each other by sharing their experiences.

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