Montessori Elementary Curriculum Charts

Complete Age of Montessori
Elementary 1 & 2 Curriculum Charts

Show parents the Montessori elementary curriculum in one unique chart. They’ll see what their children will accomplish in your Montessori Lower and Upper Elementary classes!

Age of Montessori’s Elementary Curriculum Charts, color-coded by subject and year, show the progression of Practical Life, Math, Geometry, Language, Biology, History and Geography lessons from early childhood through grade 6. The Lower Elementary chart covers the preschool to 3rd grade curriculum and the Upper Elementary chart covers the 4th to 6th grade curriculum.

Montessori curriculum charts

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Elementary Curriculum Chart
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Elementary 1 Chart

Elementary 1 (Ages 6–9) 25″ x 41″

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Elementary 2 Chart

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Elementary 1 & 2 Charts

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