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Honoring The Needs of Every Family in the School Setting

Why Montessori is the Best Gift you’ll ever give your Child (or Grandchild!)

“Mistakes are allowed.” “Mistakes are learning opportunities.” “It is okay, really okay, to make mistakes.” I’ll bet you’ve heard statements like these, but do you believe them? Do you allow yourself to take creative risks, knowing that you might be making a mistake? Do you think innovatively and dare to offer new and different ideas […]

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Getting Up to Date with Age of Montessori

From Mary Ellen Maunz, Program Director October greetings! I write with lots of rain coming down outside.  Southwest Montana often has gorgeous extended Indian summers, but not so much this year. Oh well, it’s back to school and more indoor activities. I’d like to fill you in just a bit on my summer.  It has […]

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