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Would you like to help your child flourish by recognizing and meeting his or her individual developmental needs?

I’m a parent, is Age of Montessori’s 6-Week Course right for me?

Are you a mom or dad wondering if Age of Montessori’s fall course is right for you?  The answer depends on you… Would you like to use Maria Montessori’s time-tested teaching methods to unlock your child’s inner genius and help him or her find joy and confidence? Do you want to foster your child’s innate […]

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How Do We Give the Child Respect and Dignity?

Maria Montessori had a unique and very special way of understanding the role of a teacher in a child’s life. She diverged from the popular opinion of her day that children should be obedient and learn from the expert adult. Instead, she upheld the belief that a teacher’s primary job is to be humble in […]

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Montessori Parent-Teacher Conference: A Parent’s Perspective

I remember our first time walking into a parent-teacher conference, not sure what to expect. Both my husband and I were shocked to see a full-page “report card.” Our child was barely 3. I didn’t know if I should feel proud or very worried that our child was already being “graded.” On the contrary, I […]

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Preparing for baby – 4 Ways to Create a Montessori Environment for an Infant or Toddler

I am now just 3 months away from “B” day (Baby’s arrival), and the preparations for our little monkey (that’s his name for now) are in full swing.  As I began the process, I first jumped onto the pop-culture train of registering at a large chain store and thinking about what colors or “theme” I […]

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If Everyone Had Montessori Schools, They Wouldn’t Need Freud

Sigmund Freud told Montessori, “If everyone had your schools, they wouldn’t need me!”  As a professional counselor and parenting coach, I became curious as to why Freud made such a bold statement.  In considering what I know about psychology and the Montessori teaching method, I can think of two major reasons for Freud’s strong words. […]

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Honoring the spirit of the child

Preparation of the Heart – the depths of being a Montessori Parent

The real preparation for parenting is the study of one’s self. Maria Montessori said, “The real preparation for education is the study of one’s self.”  I believe this is also true for parents.  To apply her words to parenting, “The real preparation for parenting is the study of one’s self”. If we look within and […]

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