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Autumn Awakenings

Ah, autumn! That tantalizing time of year when Mother Nature wows us with a variable smorgasbord for the senses: multicolored leaves, harvest moons, pecans, pumpkins, crisp temperatures, and steaming mugs of apple cider with fragrant cinnamon. Autumn is an opportune time to let nature become your educational guide. Maria Montessori understood the importance of learning […]

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Nature Journaling With Upper and Lower Elementary Children

Written by Kelly Johnson The Nature Journal–Part 2 of Weaving Nature-Study into the Montessori Elementary Classroom (Lesson adapted from the book Wings, Worms, and Wonder) The nature journal is a time tested way to document and assimilate nature experience and discovery and was a very popular pastime during the Nature-Study movement. Nature has been an […]

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Weaving Nature-Study into the Montessori Elementary Classroom

Written By Kelly Johnson For every first year Montessori teacher there is a learning curve. For me, in that first class 15 years ago, I learned that equally important as teaching reading and math, is keeping alive the children’s senses of wonder and connection with their natural world. Of course, in theory, as Montessorians, we […]

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Seven Easy Ways to Bring Montessori into Your Home

Last week, my sister and I were having a little mom-to-mom chat. My sister’s little girl is just reaching toddlerhood and she is giving her home the kid-safe-and-friendly-overhaul. I suggested that she might take this opportunity to bring some of the benefits of the Montessori Method into the mix. She agreed, so long as any ideas were both […]

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Montessori Inspired Bird Lesson

Lessons from the Birds Inspired by nature and the abundance of native birds, I have come up with the following ideas for a few bird related, Montessori style activities. Please feel free to use these ideas as they are, or change them up a bit to make them your own. Maria Montessori taught us to learn from nature, our […]

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Montessori Inspired Education – Outdoor Classroom Ideas

Get Them Outside! Now that the weather is improving a bit, what could be better than moving some of the daily learning experience outside?”  Maria Montessori was a real advocate for the outdoor classroom.  She placed a lot of emphasis on getting children outdoors and connecting with nature. “There must be provision for the child […]

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