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Seven Easy Ways to Bring Montessori into Your Home

Last week, my sister and I were having a little mom-to-mom chat. My sister’s little girl is just reaching toddlerhood and she is giving her home the kid-safe-and-friendly-overhaul. I suggested that she might take this opportunity to bring some of the benefits of the Montessori Method into the mix. She agreed, so long as any ideas were both […]

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Infants and Toddlers - The Montessori Way

Nature Deficit Disorder: Cultural Autism

N.D.D. What we are talking about is what Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, calls atrophy of the senses. Our children’s generation spends most of its time on secondary information – the media – rather than in direct, first person experience. Some think we may be losing the capacity to experience the […]

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Montessori Inspired Education – Outdoor Classroom Ideas

Get Them Outside! Now that the weather is improving a bit, what could be better than moving some of the daily learning experience outside?”  Maria Montessori was a real advocate for the outdoor classroom.  She placed a lot of emphasis on getting children outdoors and connecting with nature. “There must be provision for the child […]

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What Spring Can Teach us About Our Sensitive Children

About Sensitive Children In a recent webinar by Age of Montessori entitled Understanding the Special Sensitivities of Today’s Children presenter Maureen Bright shares her wisdom about how parents, teachers, and care givers can look into the consciousness of especially sensitive (sensory, not emotionally) children, in order to help them cope with our over-stimulating world.  If […]

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A Delectable Leaf Lesson (Fall Shortbread Cookies)

Cooking, Lessons, and Leaves I absolutely love to cook with my children!  Cooking is an activity we all thoroughly enjoy, but the benefits don’t stop there.  Cooking also helps to develop children’s fine motor skills and teaches many Practical Life lessons such as:  coordination, concentration, order, and independence. Older children can hone reading and math […]

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Stages of Development

What We Can Learn From Butterflies

“Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.”  Maria Montessori It is June and the spectacular Swallowtail Butterflies are flying now.  Every time I see these brilliant, beautiful butterflies, I am reminded of the time my son, at only 3 years old, made his own transformation into a nurturing, compassionate caretaker […]

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