Montessori Elementary Pre-requisite / Foundations (online)

Montessori Continuing Education Course

The Montessori Elementary Pre-requisite Course is the perfect solution for school directors/administrators, classroom assistants and parents who are new to Montessori.

This 60-hour course gives adult learners a well-rounded understanding of the child, the prepared environment and the adult’s role as seen through the eyes of Maria Montessori.

You will enjoy a selection of:

  • Videos
  • Text documents
  • Assignments
  • Recommended books that expand your knowledge
  • Interactive forums

Discuss what you are learning with your course mentor and other adult learners.

Get the Information You Need, on Your Schedule

Montessori Foundations online courseJoin the course to earn a Certificate of Attendance from Age of Montessori by doing all forums and assignments.

Or take the course exclusively for your own purposes, joining whatever forums interest you or just follow the material at your own pace.

We know your life is very busy. This course contains the vital information in modules that explains why Montessori education is an international phenomenon.

Study at your own pace on your own schedule. We have a suggested number of hours to spend in each unit, but they are just that – suggested hours. Breeze through the course in less time or take what time you need to really internalize the method and message of three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and one of Italy’s first women physicians and surgeons, Dr. Maria Montessori.

What You Learn in the Montessori Elementary Pre-requisite Course:

  • Discover the true needs of the child
  • How to meet emerging needs of your child
  • How to help your child find peace, harmony and purpose
  • Learn about the basic structure of the Montessori early childhood classroom
  • How can you apply these principles at home
  • Discover the essential relationship of liberty and discipline, and why you can’t have one without the other
  • Understand the underpinning of Montessori’s principles of development
  • How children can get centered, concentrate and make progress at their own rates

In this course you will do some online and book reading, join forum discussions with fellow students and course mentor and, if you are seeking a certificate of attendance, you can upload assignments. The material you will learn about in the seven units of the Montessori Elementary Pre-requisite Course is expansive and rich, offering you a great opportunity to learn what goes on in a Montessori classroom and why!

Unit 1: Introduction and How to Work in Your Online Course

  • Watch an introductory video to the course.
  • In this unit we provide videos and printed material about how each of the features in your online course works.

Unit 2: The Montessori Method and the Nature of the Child

  • The stages of development from prenatal through age 18
  • Overview of Montessori’s educational methods
  • Introduction to universal human tendencies and the sensitive periods in development
  • Watch a video: A Day in the Life of a Montessori classroom

Unit 3: Motor Education through the Exercises of Practical Life

  • See an archival video clip of Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, friend and student of Maria Montessori talking about “Mind in the Making”
  • See the practical life lessons that are presented to children in the 3-6 classroom
  • Watch a video of an entire lesson presentation and see how Montessori teachers learn to write up lessons
  • Learn about Grace and Courtesy, and all the social skills we teach children

Unit 4: Sensorial Development

  • Discover the roots of mental concept building through sensorial lessons
  • See the sensorial lessons that are presented to children in the 3-6 classroom
  • Watch a video of an entire lesson presentation

Unit 5: Development of Language

  • This unit introduces you to Montessori’s powerful understanding of how the child learns to write and read
  • See the sequence of language lessons that are presented to children in the 3-6 classroom
  • Learn the basic four-step process of learning to read: sounds, letters, words and sentences
  • Watch optional webinars:
    • 2 webinars of additional teaching on Age of Montessori’s Royal Road to Reading
    • Autism and dyslexia

Unit 6: Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind

  • Overview of the way children learn numbers
  • See the sequence of math lessons that are presented to children in the 3-6 classroom
  • Understand the basic sequence of quantity, symbol and then association of the two
  • Discover how easily children can count into the thousands with the Montessori materials
  • Learn how your child can go to first grade already knowing the addition and sometimes even the times tables

Unit 7: Liberty and Discipline

  • Learn how liberty and discipline are two sides of the same coin
  • Read what Montessori said about discipline
  • Watch a video to see for yourself the self-discipline children are capable of developing
  • Read about “normalization”, and the simple process to help children learn to cooperate and concentrate
  • Hear the true story of Regina, a little girl considered uneducable before she came to a Montessori school

Montessori Elementary Pre-requisite / Foundations
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