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What is the International Montessori Congress?

July 27-30, 2017, the 28th International Montessori Congress (IMC) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. The IMC is an international meeting of Montessori educators and professionals, which currently takes place every four years. Since Dr. Maria Montessori established her organization, Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in 1929, these congresses have taken place regularly, each time […]

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Motor Education & Exercises of Practical Life

Maria Montessori teaches us to present to the children the way to do things. We present with great detail and great care. But this does not mean we expect them to be little, obedient robots. Here are her words explaining the solution to this problem: Everything must be presented and everything must be connected with […]

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Four Avenues of Montessori ~ Introduction

Early Childhood Education Maria Montessori gave us a message, a way of life, as well as a method. It is the way of respect and dignity for the great developmental tasks of childhood. It is the process of making sure the child has available in his environment what he needs to fully grow and develop. […]

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Normalization through Work

Among Montessori’s most important educational principles is what she called “normalization.” To understand normalization, let’s go back to what most people think about young children. There is the common idea that young children have a short attention span. They can be naughty and capricious. They leave a trail of messes in their wake. Many of […]

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Maria Montessori on Liberty and Discipline

Liberty and discipline are closely related concepts. You may wonder how this can be. Most people think that when a child needs discipline you take away his freedoms, right? Parents sometimes do this: “You knocked over this vase! I want you to clean it up, and then you can go to your room and think […]

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Every Child Is a Winner

How Montessori Honors Individual Differences Montessori considers children’s individual differences, which can make or break how well they learn, to be of prime importance. Are you just like anyone you know? Of course you’re not. If you have more than one child, are they just the same? No, no, a thousand times, no! Everyone is […]

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The Absorbent Mind

The absorbent mind is one of the most important ideas in early childhood education. Maria Montessori presented this fundamental concept to the world more than a hundred years ago from her initial observations of children. The absorbent mind makes our adult lives possible. The absorbent mind is the sponge-like capacity to absorb from the environment […]

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