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Program Begins February 10, 2021

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  • Teach anywhere* MACTE-Accreditation is accepted world-wide
  • Premier training we take you deeper into the depth and breadth of the Montessori method and message 
  • Personal mentoring with expert faculty 
  • Finish in 18 to 24 months Online interactive and media rich academic course + in-person Residency + Student Teaching in your local area for a school year.
  • Simple Payment Plans Available  

* Please check with your state office. Some states may require additional early childhood coursework to obtain a license to teach in the state. 

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Montessori Teacher Training Course Overview

The Age of Montessori’s Early Childhood Teacher Training and Certification Program gives you the time you need to assimilate the complete message of Maria Montessori. During over eight months of online study, you will delve deeply into the philosophy and psychology that is the heart of the Montessori Method.

AoM’s MACTE-accredited Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training course has two components:
(All components are required for MACTE teacher certification)

Part 1. Montessori Online Academic Course – 8 months
Part 2. In-Person Summer Residency - 2 weeks
Part 3. Montessori Local Teaching Internship at a School of Your Choice – 9 months




Age of Montessori Online Academic Course Is Interactive and Media Rich

1. Eight Month Online Academic Course

Assimilate the complete message of the philosophy, psychology and practice of the Montessori Method during the ten months of online and interactive study. 

Study the four great avenues of learning for the early childhood years (2 ½ – 6):

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial Development
  • Development of Language   
  • Early Preparation of the

    Mathematical Mind. 

Academic Course Topics 

  • Introduction to Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Education
  • Preparation of the Teacher, Part 1: Personal Reflection
  • Maria Montessori – a Short Biography
  • Human Tendencies, Sensitive Periods and the Brain
  • Practical Life
  • History of Methods – Montessori and Major Early Childhood Theorists
  • Sensorial Development
  • Stages of Development
  • Prepared Environment
  • Development of Language
  • Liberty and Discipline
  • Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind
  • Movement, Mental Assimilation and the Work of the Child
  • Normalization through Work
  • Preparation of the Montessori Teacher, Part 2: Spiritual Preparation
  • Peace Education

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Early Childhood Montessori teacher education certification course level from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2026.

Don’t wait – Schools nationwide need qualified Montessori teachers

Next Class - February 10, 2021

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Age of Montessori is the premier Montessori teacher education; rich and robust content!

Easy Payment Plans Available!


What is your investment to be a Montessori teacher
and have a profession you love?

1. Academic Online Course Dates

Complete this 8 month engaging, interactive program.

Student works in online academic course

Age of Montessori Students Meet During Summer Residency

In-Person Residency

Complete 2 week residency with your fellow students and teachers in beautiful Bozeman, Montana
June 7 - June 24, 2021

2. Internship Dates

Complete your assistant teacher training in an approved Montessori School near your home for a full academic year.     
September, 2021  ~ May, 2022

Age of Montessori Interns  work in a Montessori School near their home.


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What is your investment to be a Montessori teacher 
and have a profession you love?

Early Childhood (Ages 3-6) Certification Program:

  1.    8-month online study
  2.    2-week in-person Residency (90+ hrs.) 
  3.    9-month Internship
  • Tuition: $7,100
  • Fees: $765
  • Total: $7,865

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  • NOTE: $100 non-refundable fee required with application.


(Age of Montessori reserves the right to change our Tuition & Fees)


    Twenty-Two Reasons Why I Want
    to Be a Certified Montessori Teacher

    Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Work in a place where hugs are part of the job.
  2. Open many doors and professional opportunities all over the world with a MACTE Teacher Certification.
  3. Become part of a global community that invests in the future of our planet.
  4. Create a peaceful world by guiding peaceful children.
  5. Stretch, move, sing and play with your students—every day!

See Reasons to Be a Certified Montessori Teacher #6 through #22

6.  Open your heart as you guide the child’s developing awareness.

Enjoy a profession that matches your values.

7.  Recharge your heart by making a REAL difference—every day!

8.  Love going to work every day!

9.  Become an explorer and a scientist, testing out how Montessori really works.

10.  Experience the joy of seeing each child fulfilling their true potential.

11.  Become a part of change that is deep and meaningful for children and yourself.

12.  Witness a child’s inner lightbulb turn on.

13.  Bring hope to yourself for future generations through the work that you do with children every day.

14.  Gain first-hand understanding about how the child develops and learn meaningful ways to assist that child.

15.  Become part of an educational method that restores respect in the world.

16.  Watch, learn and grow with joyful children.

17.  Touch the lives of families as you touch the life of a child.

18.  Bring more kindness to the world through the kind hearts of the children.

19.  Help create more joy and laughter in the world; the pure, genuine and infectious belly laugh of a child is a beautiful thing.

20.  Become part of the passion for life in a place and environment where a child can access dreams and visions for a future world.

21.  Dedicate yourself to some of the world’s youngest citizens; protect, guide, and enjoy the dynamic learning journey.


Is this Montessori Training Program
Right for You?

Ask yourself these five questions:

1. Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job? Are you looking for something that will feed your heart, mind and soul and make a real difference in the world?

2. Are you a student who needs the flexibility and convenience of online learning, and want the most complete online Montessori training available?

3. Are you an early childhood educator who would like to earn 22% to 40% more as a certified Montessori teacher?

4. Are you seeking a high quality MACTE accredited Montessori Teacher Certification program created by master Montessori teachers?

5. Do you want to earn full certification or your Masters of Education (M.Ed.) from a fully-accredited program?

If You Answered 'Yes'  ...

If you answered “yes”  to any of the questions above, Age of Montessori’s Teacher Training Program is right for you because:

1.  Learn the skills you need to become an employable professional teacher in a highly interactive environment.

2.  Study online the Montessori method. Gain in-person and hands-on experience teaching the Montessori lessons. You will have time to assimilate the depth and breadth of the philosophy and psychology of Dr. Montessori's message and method.

3.  Authentic Montessori:  Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. Founder and Program Director of Age of Montessori was trained by Dr. Elizabeth Caspari, a colleague and student of Dr. Maria Montessori.

4.  Accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education).

5.  We support you every step of the way throughout your program.  

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Graduates Share

This course is a masterpiece!”

“I have a Master’s degree in Education, so I’ve taken many graduate level courses. This is easily one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. The material is presented in a clear, sequential way.”

“I enjoyed having so many hours of hands-on practice with the materials. It was also extremely helpful to have manuals describing all the materials and how to present them.”

“It was the most amazing, rewarding, peaceful, encouraging, inspiring … experience I have ever had in my life, during my summer residency!”

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Next Class - February 10, 2021

Fall Class begins September 22, 2021

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