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I believe that the work of the educator consists primarily in protecting the powers [of the developing child] and directing them without disturbing them in their expansion; and in the bringing of man into contact with the spirit which is within him and should operate though him.Maria Montessori

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Montessori Teacher Training

Our Montessori teacher training courses are online and hands-on! Become a MACTE certified Montessori teacher with Age of Montessori’s proven teacher training program.

Next Early Childhood Program Starts: September 24, 2019

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As teachers or those who would-be-teachers, would you like to provide rich learning experiences for children?  Montessori’s educational model is based on a child’s developmental needs: to move — to act on his environment — and to build the man or woman he is to become?

Sensitive Periods in Development

The sensitive periods comprise one of several basic principles on which Montessori early childhood education is founded. We begin with an image of a little girl, not yet four, in a Montessori classroom. She is doing an activity called the cylinder block. It was a little girl much like this little girl who first opened the eyes of Dr. Maria Montessori to the possibility of sustained concentration in young children. The child Montessori was watching took all the cylinders out and replaced them more than forty times. I have observed the same process on numerous occasions.

No one had asked her to do it, let alone told her it was something she had to do. Of her own volition, she started to repeat and repeat and repeat. When she was finally finished, she looked up as if she felt refreshed from a long nap. Why?   READ MORE

Normalization through Work

Among Montessori’s most important educational principles is what she called “normalization.” To understand normalization, let’s go back to what most people think about young children. There is the common idea that young children have a short attention span. They can be naughty and capricious. They leave a trail of messes in their wake. Many of us do not expect that they can learn to read or do math, and we are worried about “pushing” them.

When Montessori began her work with young children, she shared the exact same common prejudices. But as a scientific observer, she felt the need to remain neutral and allow the children to show her what they could do and who they were. What she observed changed her thinking about children forever, and the Montessori Method was born. She spent the rest of her life trying to change what she believed were serious misperceptions about children.  READ MORE

Montessori Teacher Training in Russia


Montessori Teaching Students at Work

These people are all teacher training students of the Maria Montessori method. They attended Mary Ellen Maunz’s Montessori Early Childhood Teacher training program in St. Petersburg, Russia, in July and August of 2011. Everyone listened to daily lectures, wrote papers, watched presentations of Montessori lessons, and spent many happy and deeply focused hours learning how to give the presentations themselves.   READ MORE


Age of Montessori holds its residency hands-on training in Bozeman, MT with other locations under consideration.

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MACTE-accredited Age of Montessori

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Early Childhood teacher education certification course from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2019.



Training for Teacher Certification

Age of Montessori offers authentic, in-depth teacher certification courses for ages 2½-6 in a two-year program. Part 1 is a 9-month online course providing personal mentoring by Montessori Master Teachers with decades of hands-on experience. This portion includes a comprehensive curriculum of online text, videos, narrated slide presentations, and rich discussion forums.

Part 2 is a two week residency in either Bozeman, MT or Everett, WA. During your residency, you receive hands-on training of all of the Montessori learning materials and you have the opportunity to practice with them. Part 3 is a full school-year internship in a Montessori school near your home, followed by your final exam. Get your Montessori teacher certificate with the opportunity to learn at your own pace and schedule while forming relationships with fellow students and teachers around the world.  READ MORE

Refresher Course

Certified Montessori teachers are invited to take our non-credit option for the best refresher course available anywhere! READ MORE

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Testimonials from Current Students

This course is a masterpiece!
–  J.N., Montessori Elementary Master Teacher, St. Charles, Missouri  …READ MORE

Making a Difference

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  • Wall Street Journal article:  “The Montessori Mafia”


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