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Autism Awareness Month: Busting the Myth about Autism and Empathy

Autism Myth: Autistic People Cannot Feel Empathy The idea that people with autism lack empathy is, in fact, a myth.  Any parent of an autistic or autism spectrum child can tell you that.  But here it is, World Autism Awareness month, and so I’d like to do my part to raise awareness. The Science Behind Myth […]

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Montessori Education: Giving Our Children the Best Chance

Following President Obama’s State of the Union address, the White House website asked readers to share their responses. It said, “Highlight a passage of the speech that was meaningful to you and tell the President how you’re connected to that issue.” I decided to take them up on their invitation.   Here is the passage […]

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Montessori: The Missing Voice in the Educational Reform Debate –

The Roots of the Problem Commentary on the Huffington Post Article:  Montessori Education Debate The words of Laura Flores Shaw are like music to my ears! Yes, Montessori needs to be looked at and deeply examined as the debate over American education rages on. Yes, many of the answers to seemingly intractable issues can be […]

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Montessori and Executive Functions in the Brain

Children all around the world are going back to school. Parents everywhere want their children to do well.  Doing well has many facets: good grades, athletic accomplishment, good social skills, and the work ethic, to name a few. The latest research is pointing out that the development of executive functioning may be among the most […]

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Who Stands for Our Children – Response 6-11-11 Article in The Atlantic Magazine

Who Stands for Our Children? First priority – the children As a Montessori teacher, my first priority is my students. I stand for them and that is why I have chosen to devote my life to the training of teachers. I believe that many American teachers, Montessori or other, believe the same. Yet the structured […]

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