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Elementary I & II Course in Full Swing AND MACTE Evaluation is Behind Us!

Our Three Evaluator, Three-Day Onsite Inspection is Successfully Behind Us!   Things are moving right along at Grace Montessori Academy in Billings, Montana, where we are holding our first Elementary Residency. The elementary course for Elementary certification consists of a full academic year of online study of the philosophy, psychology and practical aspects of classroom […]

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Who is Elisabeth Caspari

Who is Elisabeth Caspari?

Drs. Maria Montessori and Elisabeth Caspari In 1939, Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, doctor of music and pedagogy and founder of an acclaimed music school in her home country of Switzerland, journeyed to India and Tibet. She traveled with her husband, Charles Caspari, and a select few friends on a mission to study foreign religions. Little did Elisabeth know that […]

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What Montessori Training Really Is (or Should Be!)

Good quality Montessori training is a very deep study of childhood development; it is a spiritual transformation; it is an analysis of everything it takes to help the child. ~Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder, Program Director, Age of Montessori Training to become a Montessori educator is much more than learning a teaching method. To truly […]

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Faithful Observation & Humility

 I observed little children; I sensed their needs; I tried to fulfill them: they call that the Montessori Method. ~ Maria Montessori For all our discussions about the Montessori Method, here’s the paradox: Maria Montessori did not approve of the term “method.” Rather than the inventor of an educational method, Maria Montessori considered herself to […]

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About Accreditation for Montessori Teacher Education & MACTE

What does it mean when a Montessori teacher-training program says it is accredited by MACTE? So, you’re doing your due diligence and looking into your options for Montessori teacher- training programs. The possibilities are numerous, but then again so are your requirements. You want a quality education, an authentic Montessori philosophy, and highly qualified instructors. […]

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Dear Teacher, From Parent

Dear Teacher, Let me begin by saying “thank you.” Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to supporting my child. Thank you for caring enough to practice and perfect the art of instructing children at the (in this case) fifth grade level. Because of your knowledge and expertise, (not to mention your big heart,) you are an […]

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