Montessori Education: What it is and Why it Should Matter to You!

Presented by Trevor Eissler and Mary Ellen Maunz

You are invited to see the replay of Age of Montessori’s Mary Ellen Maunz and Montessori Madness! author Trevor Eissler for an important and timely discussion of what is going wrong in many of our traditional schools and why Montessori succeeds all over the world.

Your Presenters:

Mary Ellen Maunz

For twenty-two years, Mary Ellen Maunz worked with Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, a foremost student and personal friend of Maria Montessori. An acclaimed speaker, presenter and internationally recognized authority on Montessori principles, Mary Ellen has lectured and taught on four continents. Today, as Program Director of Age of Montessori, Mary Ellen continues to teach and spread the authentic original method and message of Maria Montessori.

Trevor Eissler

Mr Eissler is the author of Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education. His entertaining and insightful YouTube video by the same name has been viewed by thousands around the globe. He has also just written and published a children’s book entitled 4,962,571 — the first of a series of Montessori-inspired children’s books. He is a business jet pilot and lives in Texas with his wife and three children who attend Montessori school.

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