From Chaos to Calm: Normalization


The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an
external activity to which he will give all his potential. – Maria Montessori


What You Learn in the From Chaos to Calm: Normalization course:

In Montessori’s day, in the field of cultural anthropology, “normalization” meant becoming a contributing member of society.

Normalization is something that spontaneously happens when children are given meaningful work to do, especially individualized work that’s freely chosen and meets their developmental needs through engaging, hands-on activities. When a child becomes what we call “normalized,” we begin to see beneficial changes leading to several major characteristics:

  1. Love of work
  2. Concentration
  3. Self-discipline
  4. Calm, joyful friendliness
  5. Genuine interest in learning

Central to Maria Montessori’s discoveries is the process of self-construction within the young child. As she humbly observed and learned about these largely unrecognized qualities, she understood that education is not about what the teacher says or does, it is about the activity of the child.

These qualities reveal themselves when we prepare the environment and provide freedom of choice. No teacher “makes” the child work. Children love the work that corresponds to their internal development, and it is our job to provide that environment.

2 Week Course Topics

  • What does Montessori mean with the term normalization
  • Characteristics of the normalized child
  • Observations in a normalized classroom
  • Essential factors leading  toward normalization
  • Factor # 1 – Freedom of Choice
  • Factor # 2 – Prepared Environment
  • Recognizing the child who is not yet there
  • How to achieve normalization
  • Power of observation
  • Normalization through concentration

Students Share:

“Child Development — This course, for me, has reaffirmed the value of the importance of the adult’s understanding of the child, as a whole. When the adults understand how a child learns and develops, it will make a big difference in a child’s life, and in the whole society.

“Child Development — The course was better than I expected. The course just opens your appetite. Website was user friendly and easy to follow. The knowledge obtained is priceless. Most important, I had a great mentor who is patient and transmits a lot of joy in guiding us. Great course!”

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