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Preparing for baby – 4 Ways to Create a Montessori Environment for an Infant or Toddler

I am now just 3 months away from “B” day (Baby’s arrival), and the preparations for our little monkey (that’s his name for now) are in full swing.  As I began the process, I first jumped onto the pop-culture train of registering at a large chain store and thinking about what colors or “theme” I […]

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Montessori Road Trip Book

DIY Montessori Materials – Road Trip Flip Book

As the Age of Montessori Parenting Coach expert, I am happy to announce I am expecting my first baby this December.  I’m only mentioning this because it will drastically be influencing the blogs articles I will be writing for AOM.  I will be starting a series of blogs on ways to use Montessori learning in […]

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If Everyone Had Montessori Schools, They Wouldn’t Need Freud

Sigmund Freud told Montessori, “If everyone had your schools, they wouldn’t need me!”  As a professional counselor and parenting coach, I became curious as to why Freud made such a bold statement.  In considering what I know about psychology and the Montessori teaching method, I can think of two major reasons for Freud’s strong words. […]

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Development is the Child’s Work

What is a child’s job?  In Montessori terms, “development is the child’s work,” and that all-important work often looks like play! In behavioral terms, a child’s job is to test rules and boundaries to see what happens when the limits are pushed. Upon closer examination, these are two different ways of saying the same thing. […]

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follow your lead

Childhood Education: Do As I Do, Not As I Say

This week I was talking with 3 separate sets of parents about frustrations in the home.  In discussions with these parents a common theme emerged.  Many parents want their children to do as they say, but not as they do.  Parents want to live a rushed life without anyone telling them to “slow down”.  They […]

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Honoring the spirit of the child

Preparation of the Heart – the depths of being a Montessori Parent

The real preparation for parenting is the study of one’s self. Maria Montessori said, “The real preparation for education is the study of one’s self.”  I believe this is also true for parents.  To apply her words to parenting, “The real preparation for parenting is the study of one’s self”. If we look within and […]

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Children sharing

Montessori Provides Significance and Belonging

Take a moment to consider your child’s greatest social-emotional need.  Alfred Adler, an early leader in psychology and student of Maria Montessori, said the primary need of every child is to feel a sense of belonging and significance. In fact, our children have such a strong desire to belong or feel significant that they sometimes […]

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respect children

Montessori Training: Honoring the Independent Life of a Child

As a current Age of Montessori student, I have been touched and inspired by Maria Montessori’s great respect for the internal world of the child.  In particular, I was touched this past week by her comments about adult prejudices in discipline.  Montessori said, “When the independent life of the child is not recognized with its […]

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Bullying Issues: Helping Children with Peer Conflicts at School

A new school year is a great time to assess how you are helping your child to become increasingly competent with various life skills.  Montessori principles focus on how to help a child be more independent with skills such as washing dishes and putting away their toys. These skills all depend on the child having […]

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