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School Directors, Teacher, ParentsAge of Montessori’s professional development – continuing education courses:

  1. Montessori Classroom Assistants Course: New! The Classroom Assistant’s Course is a practical approach to learning the philosophy and Montessori way of working in the classroom and school. Adult learners spend four weeks on their own schedule discovering how to truly be a Montessori professional. Through concise readings, online forums, short videos and assigned activities, they learn their role and the expectations of the job. Learn more about the Montessori Classroom Assistants Course.
  2. Child Development Course: This 6 week course consists of an in-depth study of the stages of development (featuring a wonderful chart Maria Montessori drew in her 1941 course in India, faithfully copied by her friend and student Dr. Elisabeth Caspari) and the sensitive periods as they relate to current brain research. Learn more about the Child Development Course.
  3. Early Reading and Writing Course: This 6 week course is designed to fill in some important gaps in your staff’s knowledge to successfully guide your children to develop their vocabulary and comprehend what they hear and read. Utilize the latest brain research and Montessori’s own concepts to read and write easily and well. Learn more about the Early Reading and Writing Course.
  4. Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind Course: From the beginnings of the six week Mathematical Mind course, we cover in depth the sequence of lessons that will take children from first knowledge of numeration through 10 all the way to memorization of the facts in the four operations. Learn more about the Mathematical Mind Course.
  5. Montessori Foundations Course: New! The seven units of the six week Montessori Foundations Course are expansive and rich, offering you a great opportunity to learn what goes on in a Montessori classroom, what principles guide the day-to-day activities and why Montessori education is expanding all over the world! Learn more about the Montessori Foundations Course.

Early Childhood Professional Development - Great Content

Professional Development Webinars – Online and Interactive

For the convenience of busy professionals, each professional development course is online and does not require any “real time” when the student must be present. Each continuing education course includes:

  • Videos, instructional texts, recommended readings, resources
  • Forums to discuss new insights with colleagues and new friends
  • A teacher-mentor who is with you every step of the way
  • Archival instructional videos from Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, friend and colleague of Dr. Maria Montessori

Each course has been adapted from our accredited Early Childhood Teacher Certification course and has been successfully field-tested with students in six cohorts over the past three years. Each course will guide you through a deep and thorough journey of the topic at hand.

Early Childhood Professional Development - Great ContentCheck out our free Age of Montessori webinars to get a feel for our expertise and our standard of excellence in presenting important information for teachers and parents in a dynamic, user-friendly manner.

So whether you have tried-and-true teachers who love to go more deeply into the magic of Montessori, teachers who have hit a dry spell and need to reconnect, new aides who need to understand more, or you yourself wish to refresh your knowledge, these courses offer all you could want and more.

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Our registrar will be happy to talk with you about how your entire faculty can benefit by these professional development courses.

Warmest regards and best wishes for a successful school year!


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