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Foundations for Healthy, Happy Children

The Ten Secrets of Montessori-#5 Individual Differences

When the independent life of the child is not recognized with its own characteristics and its own ends, when the adult man interprets these characteristics and ends, which are different from his, as being errors in the child which he must make speed to correct, there arises between the strong and the weak a struggle […]

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Strawberry Shortcake Sweethearts: A Delicious Valentine’s Day Activity

Even Very Young Children Like to Cook Cooking is an awesome activity to do with your children for a multitude of reasons. First of all, it’s fun! Children love to cook, and we all love to eat what they’ve made. Cooking is also a great way to develop small motor skills (chopping, using utensils, etc.,) sequencing (following […]

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Rotten to the core?

Is Education in America Rotten to the Common Core?

U.S. students tested below average in math, and barely average in science and reading, when compared to more than 60 other developed countries (according to Program for International Student Assessment.) If you have been following the current news reports regarding Common Core Educational Standards in the U.S., you know that the sobering statistic above is […]

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The Birth of a Mathematical Mind

Ooooh look, the square root of twenty five!      All humans are born with mathematical minds. Let me say that another way: all human babies come into this world naturally hardwired to learn mathematics. Why then, you ask, are so many of today’s children growing up to be ‘mathematically illiterate’ adults? Because–as great thinkers such […]

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Montessori Inspired Education – Outdoor Classroom Ideas

Get Them Outside! Now that the weather is improving a bit, what could be better than moving some of the daily learning experience outside?”  Maria Montessori was a real advocate for the outdoor classroom.  She placed a lot of emphasis on getting children outdoors and connecting with nature. “There must be provision for the child […]

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Why Montessori Education Works

What are Sensitive Periods and Why are they Important? Through a lifetime of observation and study, Maria Montessori discovered that all children experience intense phases of growth, (physically, mentally, and emotionally,) especially in the first 6 years of life.  She called these phases “sensitive periods.”  A sensitive period is a critical window of opportunity during which […]

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Montessori FAQ: What Are “The Four Avenues of Learning?”

I have heard Montessori teachers refer to “The Four Avenues of Learning”; what are these four avenues and how will my child benefit from this teaching method? The Montessori Method for very young children (ages 2½-6 years) is structured around 4 main avenues of learning: Practical Life Sensorial Development Development of Language Early Preparation of the […]

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Infants and Toddlers - The Montessori Way

Top 10 Reasons for Using the Montessori Method at Home

What is the Montessori Method and why should you bring it home? The Montessori Method is a philosophy which involves much more than just school; it is way of raising and educating children that focuses on developing the whole person.  Education really begins in the home environment.  Learning is greatly enhanced when it is based […]

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