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6 Great Ways to Keep Them Reading This Summer

As our children’s first and foremost educators, we parents play an essential role in teaching our kids to read and—maybe just as importantly–to love reading. Now that summer has arrived, why not take advantage of the school-break to encourage your kids to pick up a book?  Here are a few strategies to help you encourage […]

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Say “Yes” to Early Reading

When Do You Expect Kids to Read? When the topic of early (preschool age) reading comes up, I always remember a particularly thought-provoking conversation I had with my friend a few years ago.  Our kids had both just turned four, and thus, had one year of preschool behind them and one still ahead.  During the […]

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Getting Up to Date with Age of Montessori

From Mary Ellen Maunz, Program Director October greetings! I write with lots of rain coming down outside.  Southwest Montana often has gorgeous extended Indian summers, but not so much this year. Oh well, it’s back to school and more indoor activities. I’d like to fill you in just a bit on my summer.  It has […]

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Montessori Inspired Education – Outdoor Classroom Ideas

Get Them Outside! Now that the weather is improving a bit, what could be better than moving some of the daily learning experience outside?”  Maria Montessori was a real advocate for the outdoor classroom.  She placed a lot of emphasis on getting children outdoors and connecting with nature. “There must be provision for the child […]

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Why Montessori Education Works

What are Sensitive Periods and Why are they Important? Through a lifetime of observation and study, Maria Montessori discovered that all children experience intense phases of growth, (physically, mentally, and emotionally,) especially in the first 6 years of life.  She called these phases “sensitive periods.”  A sensitive period is a critical window of opportunity during which […]

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DIY Montessori Materials: Links and Lessons Part 2

The teacher’s first duty is to watch over the environment, and this takes precedence over all the rest. Its influence is indirect, but unless it is well done there will be no effective and permanent results of any kind, physical, intellectual or spiritual.  ~ Maria Montessori A few weeks ago, I started a Do-It-Yourself Montessori […]

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Elisabeth Caspari reading with young child

The (Scary) Reality of U.S. Literacy Rates

The statistics are irrefutable and alarming; literacy in this country continues to be on the decline.  Lawmakers and educators search for answers to this growing problem: what is wrong with our educational system and, more importantly, what can be done about it?  According to 2011 National Institute for Literacy reports, a whopping 47% of adults […]

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DIY Montessori Materials: Links and Lessons

Contrary to popular belief, Montessori materials and activities don’t have to be pricey.  There are many free or inexpensive online resources, links, and do-it-yourself guides to help bring some of Maria Montessori’s profound wisdom into your home. The Age of Montessori website is one such resource providing a wealth of information through complimentary “white papers”, newsletters, and […]

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