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You Can Teach Early Literacy Skills to your Child–Part 1

For many parents, myself included, the idea of teaching your child to read is daunting to say the least. Something that important should be left up to the experts, right? Well maybe not, especially with statistics like these (according to U.S. Department of Education): 32,000,000 adults in the U.S. can’t read 19% of high school […]

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Language, Letters and Literacy

Children and Language According to Webster’s dictionary, language is defined as “the system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other.” Language makes it possible for humans to pass information from one individual to the next, and to share their inner thoughts and feelings. Communication and language are innate […]

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DIY Montessori Materials: Links and Lessons Part 2

The teacher’s first duty is to watch over the environment, and this takes precedence over all the rest. Its influence is indirect, but unless it is well done there will be no effective and permanent results of any kind, physical, intellectual or spiritual.  ~ Maria Montessori A few weeks ago, I started a Do-It-Yourself Montessori […]

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DIY Montessori Materials: Links and Lessons

Contrary to popular belief, Montessori materials and activities don’t have to be pricey.  There are many free or inexpensive online resources, links, and do-it-yourself guides to help bring some of Maria Montessori’s profound wisdom into your home. The Age of Montessori website is one such resource providing a wealth of information through complimentary “white papers”, newsletters, and […]

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Development of Language

Focus on Learning to Read After decades of controversy about how to teach children to read, American universities conducted extensive research at multiple sites over an extended thirty-year period of time to determine the most effective techniques. The conclusions were that there are three “non-negotiables” of early reading. That means they are so strongly indicated […]

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Four Avenues of Montessori ~ Introduction

Early Childhood Education Maria Montessori gave us a message, a way of life, as well as a method. It is the way of respect and dignity for the great developmental tasks of childhood. It is the process of making sure the child has available in his environment what he needs to fully grow and develop. […]

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