Excellent site offering lots of information about where to get Montessori materials, information on conferences to attend, training courses and Montessori schools.


This is the site for the American Montessori Society. It gives you information on their annual conferences (the largest annual Montessori conventions in the US) plus much more useful information, including research.


A dynamic, up-to-date site with video clip interviews with world-renowned brain researchers and reading researchers. (The title refers to the difficulties inherent in the brain learning to read the “code” of letters that represent sounds.)


Faculty member Randall Klein travels around the country teaching teachers some simple but vitally important Montessori-based activities to teach reading. You can order materials here.


Offers information about how the brains of young children work with common sense advice.  Based on author John Medina’s best selling books Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby. His number one advice for helping your child: teach impulse control!


If you are interested in the right brain, this site offers some interesting material and information.


Offers marriage/family/parenting information and resources from a traditional Christian perspective.


The vision of the Search Institute is to create a world here all young people are valued and thrive. Their site offers excellent information on the developmental assets children need at each stage of development in order to thrive.


Site dedicated to exploring the spiritual nature of children.


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