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NEW! How Much Freedom, How Much Discipline?

Offered:  April 16 + May 14

Join us as we delve into Montessori’s timely insights into finding the perfect balance of liberty and discipline. Be surprised to learn how liberty leads to discipline rather than the other way around!


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Course: 2 weeks    Cost: $259

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Different Ages / Different Needs – Understanding the Stages of Development

Different Ages/ Different Needs - Stages of Development

Offered:  April 16 

Come with us as we break down the meaningful stages of child development and unlock the mystery of it all. Learning is not linear; it actually occurs in cycles. The knowledge of the needs of children at each stage provides the basis for releasing every child’s fullest potential.

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Course: 2 weeks      Cost: $259

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NEW! Infant-Toddler Assistance — The Montessori Way!

Offered:  April 16 + May 14

This exciting course is foundational to understanding the developmental needs of babies and toddlers. With billions of neurons firing, little ones are just waiting for connection with you and the environment. The more science learns the importance of the earliest years on the brain and long-term life skills, the more you realize the urgency.

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Course: 4 weeks    Cost: $469

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Webinar Library within your Fingertips

Provides you with access to all of our webinars. Feed your heart and mind with the depth of Montessori insight and knowledge. Experts share useful tips and practical resources.

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