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This ongoing series gives you a glimpse at why Montessori education is gaining traction all over the world, why it is gaining adherents and why children love going to Montessori schools. Whether you are a parent, a Montessori teacher or teacher-to-be or a school administrator, you will find something to fill your desire to know more about this dynamic and effective system of educating the world’s children.

These webinars are rich in practical content as these experts love to share their expertise with you!

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Cues. vs. Miscues: Understanding how children communicate their needs

If we’re having ongoing difficulties with our child, the relationship is where we need to focus first. Children don’t enjoy being “difficult”.  Their first choice is always to act in a way that connects to us.  But Children misbehave when their other behavior isn’t getting the message through to us.  Those behaviors can be considered “miscues”.

The task for us, as parents, is to learn how to recognize and respond to the messages our children are sending (their cues and miscues).  When we learn this skill well, our children (and our relationship with them) will thrive.

*Content influenced by Positive Discipline and Circle of Security.


Public Montessori for Early Childhood: Fidelity and Essentials

Within the heart of Montessori’s message that each child is driven from within by his own inner teacher and guided from without by teachers and adults who understand this message, we see a universal key —for all children.

Have you ever wondered whether the children in a Montessori public school such as a charter or magnet school truly receive the best Montessori has to offer?

Join us as we briefly explore a bit of research and talk about some of the essential elements that contribute to the highest quality public sector Montessori – often referred to as “high-fidelity” Montessori.  Angela and Diana, Montessori teachers who have worked within the public setting will share some of their balancing acts during their years together.


social-skills for the elementary child

What do soccer practices, piano lessons and play rehearsals have in common? If you answered, “time to practice skills,” you are right. Parents spend a lot of time taking children to rehearsals and practices for sports and other hobbies.

Teachers have children practice math, reading and writing. Yet, how much time do we take to teach our children meaningful skills in life, specifically social skills? For some reason we think children should somehow just know these skills.

In this webinar we will touch upon some practical social skills that teachers and parents can share with their children in fun and natural ways.


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