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The Power of Montessori ~ Hope for a New Generation

Presented by Experts in Education and Parenting

This ongoing series gives you a glimpse at why Montessori education is gaining traction all over the world, why it is gaining adherents and why children love going to Montessori schools. Whether you are a parent, a Montessori teacher or teacher-to-be or a school administrator, you will find something to fill your desire to know more about this dynamic and effective system of educating the world’s children.

These webinars are rich in practical content as these experts love to share their expertise with you!

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April 12  – Wednesday – 4-5 pm (MST)

Supporting Children and Families through Times of ChaosMontessori and Your Family

Presented by:
Tammy Ulrich, M.A. Executive Director, Oregon Montessori Association and
Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder, Program Director

Join us for this webinar tracing the career of a Montessori child, student of Age of Montessori’s inspiration, Dr. Elisabeth Caspari at age 2 ½, and who is now Executive Director of the Oregon Montessori Association. With a passion for Montessori and Early Education, Tammy believes strongly that “if we are to have real peace in this world… we will have to begin with the children.

You will come away with a deeper understanding of the key principles of how we can nurture the full potential of every child; enable each one to give his or her most precious gifts and how we build peace, child by child, family by family and classroom by classroom.


May 17  – Wednesday – 4-5 pm (MST)

Montessori Education and HomeworkMontessori Education and Homework

Presented by:
Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder, Program Director and
Nancy McNabb, M.A. Middlecreek Montessori

Despite Americans’ attachment to homework, there is no research that validates its use. Don’t let meaningless homework get in the way of your child’s developmental needs. Family time is valuable too!


October 11 – Wednesday – 4-5 pm (MST)

Many Paths, One Message: Help to Life - Montessori teachers tell their storyMany Paths, One Message: Help to Life – Montessori teachers tell their story

Presented by Age of Montessori Graduates:
Carriga Camp, BA and Vanessa Chipe Swiggart, BA

Join two AoM graduates for an informal discussion on their path to becoming Montessori teachers and the importance of professional development.

This will be a question and answer format that is perfect for anyone considering becoming a Montessori teacher, teachers in training or anyone who loves Montessori education.


December 6 – Wednesday – 4-5 pm (MST)

The Montessori Assistant: How to Be One, How to Train OneThe Montessori Assistant: How to Be One, How to Train One

Presented by:
Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder, Program Director and
Victoria Brailsford, M.A. Asst. Program Director

With established adult/child ratios in every state, almost all Montessori classrooms have an assistant. But what does that person do? How do we prepare him or her for the role? Come join experienced Montessorians as we discuss this important topic.




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