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Mary Ellen Maunz and Michael Dorer -Behind the scenes of a webinar

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February 10 -  Elementary Special Needs -- Meeting the Challenges in a Montessori Classroom   (Free)

Elementary Special Needs Webinar

DESCRIPTION:   In Montessori education we follow the child to meet their needs. We know every child develops at their own rate. We present lessons to children as they are ready for them. These fundamentals of our practice help us support all children, including those with special needs.

Join us to learn about various modifications and accommodations to Montessori lessons that will benefit your students with special needs. Whether you are a parent, public school or Montessori teacher, you will learn how Montessori has been successful for many children with various special needs.

PRESENTERS:   Janet Nordemann, Elementary Faculty, Age of Montessori
Jamilyn Cole, Montessori Teacher, Age of Montessori Graduate


CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE - After watching, you may request from [email protected]

February 24  - Administering a Montessori School, Part II (Free)

Administering a Montessori Classroom: Part II

DESCRIPTION:   This is the second, in a two-part series, of what is involved in administering a Montessori school. A focus on delegation of responsibilities, communication with families and forming strong relationships with your community will be addressed. 

This webinar will expand on the information that was discussed during the first part of this series, “Administering a Montessori School”.

PRESENTERS:   Karen Walton, Early Childhood Assistant Director, Age of Montessori
Erin Lanigan, Early Childhood Faculty, Age of Montessori


CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE - After watching, you may request from [email protected]

Postponed - Progression of Multiplication in the 6-9 Classroom -- The path leading to abstraction  (Free)


DESCRIPTION:   We will discuss the different ways Montessori teachers present multiplication facts and large problems and the progression of the materials, how we use them and the reasoning of their progression

You will see the checkerboard lesson and a lesson on the progression of squares with an explanation at what stage the child is ready for each of them.

PRESENTERS:   Suzanne Tipton, Elementary Faculty, Age of Montessori
Lauren Martin, Montessori Teacher, Age of Montessori Graduate

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE - After watching, you may request from [email protected]

REPLAY - Community Building with Elementary (Free 1 Hour)

DESCRIPTION:   It’s during the elementary years that the concept of justice is born within the child. Children are trying to distinguish between what’s right and wrong and understand this within context of their relationships and their view of the world around them. It is also at this age that the child begins to work with others and is interested in being a part of their classroom and school community.

Join us as we focus on ways to build community in the class with morning meetings, afternoon meetings and community meetings. We will share rituals and activities that will help your class become more united as a community. Parents may find this equally applicable to their family dinner table conversations.

PRESENTERS:   Janet Nordemann, M.Ed., Elementary Faculty, Age of Montessori
Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder, Program Director, Age of Montessori

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE - After watching, you may request from [email protected]

REPLAY- Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (Free 2 Hour)



DESCRIPTION:  Gain a new perspective and tools for workplace conflict resolution. Even with the best prepared hearts - as we strive to give the best to our students, we also need to be prepared to solve challenges with co-workers. This webinar is great for the whole staff to participate in, with information on ways to identify each person's primary conflict resolution style, and how each type has strengths and limitations.  Join us for an opportunity to empower your staff in how they can collaborate and communicate more effectively.

PRESENTERS: Flora McCormick, LCPC,
Erin Lanigan, B.A., Early Childhood Faculty, Age of Montessori

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE - After watching, you may request from [email protected]

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