Support Families affected by Hurricane Harvey

Mercy Chefs feed victims of Hurricane Harvey

Mercy Chefs is a worthy charity that feeds people hot meals — both the victims and first responders during crisis.
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Here is an excerpt from their recent newsletter:

The need here in Texas is overwhelming.

We served 4,000 for lunch in Houston on our way to well over 10,000 meals today. Plus, I had to make an urgent trip back to Rockport because the need there is so desperate.

There is still no power in the region, and making matters worse, there is no emergency shelter open within miles! As a result, the people of Rockport and the surrounding communities are still shell-shocked.  It’s difficult to describe just how devastated these folks are. We have set up two locations in Rockport to meet the need of both victims and first responders.

The challenges of serving so many meals in multiple locations in the aftermath of one of the worst weather disasters in American history have been immense. Yet this is precisely why Mercy Chefs is here! You are making it possible for us to provide hot, chef-prepared meals to people who are still trying to comprehend the magnitude of the loss they have faced. And with each meal, we are bringing hope because the meal connects these hurting folks to the love and compassion of friends like you across the country!

In all, we’ll serve over 13,000 meals today alone. Plus, as I noted to you yesterday, I had to purchase a refrigerated truck to ensure that we could keep both operations at full strength — putting a further strain on our resources.


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